024. Gifts, Clothing Style, Music & Scents by Starsigns

Make the ambiance, recognize the starsigns…

Clothing style, gifts, scents, music etcetera all say something about the person. We made a nice classification according to starsigns.  Considering scents, to get the most from the seductive properties of scent, prepare a bath in a candlelight bathroom. Add a couple of drops of oil (only a couple of drops). If your partner enjoys the sensation of silken bubbles, add a little bit of bubble bath. Once you and your lover are soaked and relaxed, use a loofah to work up a lather, and stimulate the skin. To incite trembles of delight afterward, gently stimulate erogenous areas with a sliver of ice. Then towel each other off, rub in a soothing cream – and retire to the bedroom. If all goes well, your scrubbed bodies will be intertwined in no time at all!

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Always remember, Fire signs are active and passionate about the things that inspire them (especially you!).

Juniper – a stimulating erotic scent that makes negativity waft away
Frankincense – potent, and known for its ability to open spiritual channels to ecstasy
Ginger – a spicy, seductive scent that inflames sensuality

If ever an element were oriented to aphrodisiacs, it would be the Fire signs! Passion, sex, creative energy and spark, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have tastes for the grand – and seducing them comes in grand gestures! Want to turn that Aries on? You don’t have to look further than your wardrobe. Even the intimation of some sort of seduction screams excitement and makes their blood boil. Don’t be shy – black leather and latex will likely do wonders. Lingerie on the ladies, toned abs on the men and your Aries will be fired up!

Meanwhile, Leo is also a fan of the elaborate accoutrement, but their true love potion may cost a bit more. This is the sign for whom oysters and caviar, champagne and dark chocolate were made – the champagne in particular (a good vintage of course)! Never leave your credit card at home.

Lastly, if you’re seeking the affections of a Sag, travel is the aphrodisiac to call on. These adventure seekers like not knowing what’s next and also thrive on physicality. So, hop on a train, plane or into your automobile for a night away (or a month) and you’re practically guaranteed membership in the mile high club (or whatever variation applies).

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Pragmatic in nature, earth signs tend to prefer gifts that are useful rather than novel.

Rosemary – a fresh, stimulating scent that awakens devotion and undercurrents of eroticism
Basil – gentle, it enlivens love and invigorates passion and fertility
Lavender – a calming scent that enfolds the beloved with a sense of being nurtured

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the settling down types, so if you want to keep things spicy with these long-term lovers, appealing to their earthy senses is a great way to go. If your penchant is for a perfectionist Virgo, know that nothing will seduce them as much as an eye for detail – in the bedroom and beyond. To combine the two, create a sensuous boudoir where every texture offers something different to the touch (costumes not required, but a bonus!). Not only will Virgo be impressed with your eye for detail, they won’t be able to take that eye off you – the new object of their fixation!

If it’s a Capricorn who’s got you all aflutter, food is the way to go. Put your culinary skills to use (or call in for take out) and the scene is set for seduction. This workaholic will appreciate your desire to sate them, but there’s no steady rule about what you should serve – other than yourself of course! Just pick what your Cap likes. The fact that you remembered will be the real key to getting the goat riled up.

Lastly, if a Taurus is tugging on your heart strings (or other less purely romantic ones), a well-prepared meal may also do the trick. However, the bull is more luxe oriented than cautious Capricorn, so it could get pricey. But the real elixir of love can be delivered by mouth – it’s the compliment. Say them, scream them, whisper them – just mean them, and you’ll make Taurus tingle.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Air signs can be tricky to shop for as their interests change frequently. Something new and trendy should tickle their fickle fancies.

Sandalwood – an ancient aphrodisiac that inspires experimentation – a perfect accompaniment to Tantra
Cedarwood – inspires spirituality in eroticism, and allows for a deep focus on one’s partner
Clary Sage – creates mental clarity, releases inhibitions, and stimulates the erotic body

Whether it’s in the unorthodox ideals of Aquarius, the talkative intellectualism of Gemini or the justice loving side of Libra, Air Signs are the heady sort, so it follows Air aphrodisiacs can be culled from accessing the different sense centers of their brains.

If your love is a Libran, seduce them with a harmonious atmosphere created with scent – sandalwood, vanilla, lavender and other calming oils (released straight into the air via aromatherapy or incense). This will put them at ease and open their pleasure centers, not to mention creating a pleasing environment which these beauty-lovers will adore. Similarly, if an Aquarian has your attention, try mixing one of these scents (rose is also worth trying) into a massage oil and then rubbing them down. This will awaken their sometimes fickle interest by helping them unwind.

On the other hand (or both, considering that there are always two of them), if it’s a Gemini you desire, kicking back is the opposite of seduction! For the Twins, excitement is an aphrodisiac in and of itself. So get their adrenaline flowing. To stimulate their minds and bodies, why not try a coy verbal exchange of sexual innuendo over cocktails leading to a little PDA? You’ll see how well it works once you get home!

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): With water signs, it’s the thought that counts. They tend to like sentimental gifts that evoke pleasant memories or touch their emotions.

Jasmine – known for its sensual properties since the ancient Asian civilizations, it bewitches and intrigues
Orange blossoms – lifts the emotions and brings a sense of lightness and energy
Ylang Ylang – a powerful sexual stimulant that arouses the libido, attraction and sensuality

Finally, if you’re ready to ride the waves with a water sign, you’re in luck. These deep, emotional types are easy to touch – almost any aphrodisiac will do! Toughest to crack among them is Cancer, who may be emotionally withholding at first, but will be sexually swayed by any form of romance -no matter how clichéd it feels. Flowers, candy, small thoughtful gestures. Make your Cancer feel loved (or at least doted upon) and you’ll reap the rewards.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a Pisces on the brain, fantasy should be the tool of your trade. These dreamers love to listen to your sexy thoughts, and if you’re too embarrassed to share your own, consider some erotica. Pisces may seem shy, but they rarely are… and they’ll thank you.

Lastly, what would all this talk of seduction be without mention of sexy Scorpio? But for those who dare to plumb the depths of this sultry sign, there is only this advice: think darker, go deeper. The unknown is the aphrodisiac of this mysterious creature. Indeed, nary a stinger will ever say no. You may however, become the object of their obsession!


Arians are trendsetters in fashion and clothing. They have a good taste but can sometimes look ridiculous with their wears .They have liking for sexy and bold styles to draw attention towards them. For men, narrow trousers with traditional white shirt with cufflings would certainly look great and can boost their confidence. For women, the most modern look would be knee length shirt or black tight trousers with well-fitted shirt.

New and shiny and sparkly, reflective, items that look new and reflect back to them! Glass, diamonds, mirrors, shiny ornaments, etc. are materials that appeal to them. Items that are personalized are very pleasant to them. Red, black and white are their preferred color schemes. Metallic wrapping paper is always a good idea.

Flatter an Aries ego with gifts that appeal to their active side. Try a health club membership, a series of workouts with a trainer or golf lessons. An outdoor vacation won’t be turned down nor will season snowboard passes, athletic equipment, workout wear or a cool photo of their favorite outdoor spot. When in doubt cash or a gift certificate will always fit an Aries.

A child in your fashion heart, you are drawn to and look outstanding in primary colors – especially red. Not one to like to dress up, you’ll catch someone’s eye in lean but comfy jean styles and athletic inspired tops. Run with the season’s most colorful sneakers – collect them for constant compliments!

The Ram is a fighter first, and a lover second. Aries partners are independent and original. They tend to be active, and are generally in the mood to dance – so try music that gets them moving. Techno anyone? Your intense Aries lover will be impressed by seductive DJ mixes, metal or edgy rock music. Strong drum beats and bass (even underground British drum ‘n’ bass) are sure to add to their fire. If night calls for something on the softer side, Marvin Gaye and Billie Holiday are each classic, individualistic Aries artists. Their swooning words and hypnotic voices should put your high-energy lover right in the mood.


Taureans buy the most expensive designer clothes but would still hang on their old clothes. Taureans generally have a muscular build. Men appreciate the subtleties of formal wear.They certainly look handsome in single breashed suit.Beige, Browns and pastel shades will suit there temperament. Women should avoid skimpy shirts and go for streamlined and sleek dresses. Traditional dresses with earthy prints look the best on them. They should avoid wearing extra large clothes in an effort to look lean.

High quality is more important here than quantity. Textures are very important, clothing must feel good against their skin, soft and silky, pleasing to touch. Tickets to a show are not a good idea as Taureans would rather have an item they can hold onto than an experience to remember, but a gourmet meal at the finest restaurant in the city will work wonders. Flowers make them cry and will be pressed in a special book and saved forever. Colors are pastels and blue.

Taureans like anything useful for the home, preferably something large and substantial. They’re firm believers in the motto, “the bigger, the better!” Little trinkets just won’t do. Instead, shop for designer accessories, a wished-for piece of art, a date for a gourmet meal, or at the very least a beautiful box of expensive chocolates.

You tend to pass up a trendy look for something much more down to earth. Vintage inspired or classic separates in fashion’s latest shades of brown and green look stellar on you. Generally one to wait for sales, this year’s most helpful fashion tip for you may be, “If you like it, buy it – now!”

This earthy soul is all about fortitude – and deep sensuality. Quiet, stable and truly soft at heart, they may prefer romantic background music that helps them to mellow out and relax. If your lover likes jazz, fellow bull Charles Mingus can set the stage for hours of lovemaking. If they’re more sexually energetic, try Trent Reznor’s dark, erotic tracks in Nine Inch Nails – or explore French electronic duo Daft Punk. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a long album, because this sign likes to take their time and savor every moment.


Gemini’s dress up with no fuss.Flirtatious Gemini’s do not need clothes to make a statement. Men like a contemporary twist to tradition. For casual wear, cotton pants and T-shirts is recommended which they can wear throughout the day with ease. For women, sleek lycra dress is ideal. Elegant crepe churidar-kameez can be worn for formals and semi-formals.

Wrapping won’t matter here, it may not even be noticed! Greens and yellows are there favorite colors and since the entire world around them fascinates them, you can go in just about any gift direction you choose! A collection of little assorted and varied gifts is always a hit, the grab bag effect extends their pleasure. Joke gifts are well received by this sign. Books, books and more books, movies are a popular choice too! Or, the book AND the movie too!

What worked last year for Gemini might not work again this year. The twins go through many phases quickly, so theatre tickets, movie passes, bestselling books and games that require some degree of mental skill or agility will keep that active Gemini mind satisfied. A personal gift of jewelry, especially if it makes for an unusual conversation piece, like a sun sign charm or a good luck symbol will be coveted.It’s hard to pin you down to one characteristic look, except that you’re noticeably big on variety and hip to trends. Matched outfits make you squirm as Gemini’s are typically born with good fashion instincts that allow for lots of mixing and matching. Oh, and lets talk about how soft yellows, blues and greens look absolutely yummy on you.

An intellectual being, a Gemini needs classical arias and poignant lyrics to get into the mood – and, just as importantly, to stop talking! The twins need to be entertained and stimulated – and you’ve got to keep up with their ever-changing tastes. Sometimes, they need good house music to relax, and you’ll want to try a variety of styles and songs. Fellow Geminis include Bob Dylan, Tom Jones and Morrissey – all seductors in their own right. Keep the player on “random,” and watch what happens!

CancerCancerians dress up according to their moods. They may fancy some item of cloth once but with the changing phase of the moon their choice and liking may shift too. In a melancholy mood they may dress up in absolute colors like black or white and the same Cancerians would like to go for bright colors when in a lighter mood. Men may feel comfortable in denim jeans and cotton shirt for informal wears. For women the main aim would be to create magic by blending fabrics like silk and cotton. They can accentuate the various fabrics with embroidery work or motifs.Sentimentality at it’s most profound here. Flowery wrapping paper, mushy cards that expound the depths of your feelings for them will be treasured forever. Soft gifts (to the touch) are very pleasing. A comfy, cozy blanket or shirt, warm socks or booties, something that says it will take care of them works wonders. A gift that contains sentimental value to YOU will have them choking up instantaneously, like your favorite childhood stuffed animal. Cancer colors are earth tones.A Cancer will appreciate items that help to make their home a warmer, more comfortable place. You can’t go wrong with antiques, family heirlooms, or anything that will remind them of fond family or childhood memories. Silver or pearl jewelry, moon-shaped orb earrings, or half moon diamond cuff links are sure to become sentimental favorites.

You tend to let your clothes speak for your soft, sensitive inner nature. You work hard to find just the right pieces that match how you feel on the inside with how you look on the outside. Shell and pearly shades of white, gray and silvery blue do wonders for you. And with that Cancer bod that just doesn’t quit, show it off, at least occasionally, with soft, clingy or body skimming things.

This sign is not afraid to show emotion, or to let music play up their feelings. Romantic, soothing music is the way to go with this sensitive sign. Your moon child will appreciate all those loving lyrics and soft guitar strums – and a nostalgic strain never hurts. Some sensitive Cancer musicians include Cat Stevens, Beck, Carly Simon and the show tunes composer Richard Rodgers. Choose something heartfelt, and they will open up to you.


Leos lives in style and wears clothes well-cut elegant and demanding attention. If and when they want they will dress up meticulously neat and other times exasperatedly sloppy. For men, the silk shirt and tie with single breasted suit reflect elegance for formal wears. Silk suits them the best. For women, Cargo pants/Capris with tight top to match would do better. Hand-painted fabrics with bold and vibrant colors for formal wears would make them standout from the rest of the crowd.

Do it big! Even if a tiny present, put it in a big box with a giant bow! They love to be the center of attention so send that singing telegram or the room full of balloons to their office. Make sure it arrives when everyone is around to see how loved they are! Flaming red, blazing orange and dead black are colors that will appeal to them.

For Leo, nothing but the best will do! Zero in on something unique that acknowledges how special they are to you and make them feel that they truly are the center of your world. Consider giving your Leo a fab photo of themselves placed in a simple (real) gold frame. Cashmere sweaters or silk sleepwear are always a good bet for the lion – as is anything shiny and gemstone colored. A bottle of nice bubbly will never go to waste.

Like the sun, you’re brighter and hotter than anyone else in your orbit. That charisma means you can wear daring, flashy and shiny, sexy things that would look desperate on any other sign but yours. There’s usually room for gold – even if it’s just your watch – with almost every outfit. Yellow, orange, red and green bring out the be(a)st in you.

Think pomp and circumstance… quite literally. Try anything grand – whether it be ballroom music, big band, the best British groups, or an excellent chamber orchestra. Consider well-known Leos such as Mick Jagger or Madonna. You might make the night a little more interesting with some karaoke, as this lion is always happy to take the spotlight. The King of the Jungle doesn’t like to skimp on anything – so lavish them with rich sounds and compliments!


Virgos are quick to spot with that prim and proper look. They wear the most revealing clothes or daring clothes and can look sensational even in casuals.For men, button down collar shirt with black tie would make most women weak in legs. For women, sleek matching pant suit would would look fantastic.The purity and sacredness of white colour add appeal to their virginal looks. Intricate handpainted designs and delicate embroidery work on dresses make them look sensational.They should avoid wearing huge or junk pieces of jewelery.

Think practical. This is what they will appreciate more than anything. Something that is useful in everyday life will tickle their fancy quite nicely. Make it natural, all natural fibers in their clothing, hand woven baskets or gifts from the health food store. Colors are brown, cream, wheat and khaki, humble says it best.

Be aware that your Virgo will notice every detail of any gift, even the wrapping paper. So whatever you get them, be sure that it is well-made and finely-crafted. Books, games and anything that presents a mental challenge is likely to be greatly appreciated. Or, relieve them of holiday stress with an exotic massage – choose Ayurveda, Thai or a hot stone treatment.

Where there’s a mirror, there’s a Virgo. Always well-dressed and perfectly pulled together, you’re constantly catching your reflection, to make sure every thing is still in its place. You tend to dress in classic monochromatics with a hint of retro detail. You feel silly in anything too trendy or bright, but do try to wake up your outfits by adding a hint of yellow-y green or something that’s pastel.

This seemingly introverted sign just loves a little inspiration – it’s a very literary sign. Let them know you “get” them. Play deep, meaningful music with cerebral lyrics. Aimee Mann, Ludacris and Moby will appeal to intellectual Virgos. Bring sensuality, but keep it spiritual and deep.Whether your mood music starts with your candlelit dinner or is pre-loaded on the bedroom iPod, you’ll soon have this quiet being stirring with passion.


Librans are beauty conscious.Men and women both can look totally sexy and alluring in most of the dresses. Men like to follow a dress code according to the occasion.Men look handsome and charming in Nehru jacket with silk shawl as much as they look in black evening suit. They always follow contemporary fashion designs effortlessly. Women should mix the most delicate pastels pinks and blues with sleek black and grey. Hispers and long dresses look chic too.

Cards, cards, cards, many of them to tell them how many different ways you love them! Romance!!! Flowers and jewelry are their favorites. Scented candles, poems, romance, romance, romance! Pastels, pinks, mauves, blues, reds are their colors.

Libras love gifts that are tasteful and wrapped thoughtfully in fine papers and bows. You can’t go wrong if you give them a gift certificate for a store that meets their particular standards for fashion, furnishings or entertainment. Because they take great pleasure in quiet activities, a new Tai Chi DVD or a selection of the powerful sound healing CDs will help them balance their soul at home.

You have a knack for knowing just what to wear anywhere. You’ll shop till you drop to find the best outfit – that’s safe – to avoid any fashion mistakes. You’re happiest when the whole look is by the same designer or label, because you know it’s a match. Get a little more daring with bold, compelling accessories – to balance out the “safeness” of your looks.

Always seeking balance and peace, this beauty lover needs harmony and romance to move their sexual center – especially when it comes to background music that inspires. Seduce them with tasteful, classical guitar and piano – or try jazz greats such as John Coltrane. You might try playing the music of their fellow Libras, such as John Lennon and Sting. Use imaginative, charming music to turn up the volume on your lover’s passion.


Scorpios are the sexiest of all the zodiac sign.They like to show-off their intense and passionate nature through their clothes too. Men would like to wear tight T-shirts with jeans to show-off their masculinity. Italian long black suits look great on them. Women look ravishing in velvet or crepe dresses and for that stunning looks they might go for wine or black colour. Sloppy and loose shirts are to be avoided . If they want to be little adventurous can go for strapless dresses.

Sexy. Colors are black and blue. The negligee, the male version of said negligee, a favorite perfume or aftershave will appeal. Decadent. Chocolate. Think sensual.

With Scorpio, an envelope full of cash will always hit the mark. Remember that Scorpios love a mystery, so you can always interest the scorpion with a mystery novel, or books on sex, psychology, the occult, conspiracy theories or investing. A gift of deep tissue massage, a workout with a personal trainer or sexy lingerie will flatter them too.

You’re the zodiac’s hot prospect, few possess your magnetism and your quest for power even when it comes down to what you wear. Tailored and powerful, or mysteriously sexy and boyish is the look you like best. There’s something so magical about deep burgundy or maroon on a Scorpio – it plays up your intensity.

This water sign is dark, secretive and full of desire. Set the mood with a sultry mix of Brazilian jazz – or go with deep trance music. Try out works by famous Scorpio filmscoring composer Enno Morricone. You might try the later work of Joni Mitchell for a more grounded approach to seduction, and remember that your Scorpio is not afraid of the dark side – so indulge them with melancholy tunes that will evoke greater passion and send them to the comfort of your arms.


The fiercely independent sagittarius men don’t follow fashion but try to create their own style and sometimes it can be a big flop too. They can give contemporary twist to traditional designs and this would enable them to be adventurous too. They are always experimental. For women delicate shades of beige and yellow would bring that golden sun kissed glow to their face. The khaki-coloured shirts, sweaters or pants ranging from cream colour to deepest summer tan would definitely look flattering on them.

Anything about horses, the book “How to Live Like a Horse” would be an excellent choice here. Anything fun! A fun time, tickets to the circus, lottery tickets, sporting equipment, items to use when traveling, baggy sweaters, take them to a fun party. Colors are purple, royal blue and white.

If you can’t swing a trip for two to Africa for your intrepid Sagittarius, then give them an armchair vista to distant cultures with a selection of beautiful travel books or a year-long subscription to a travel magazine. A gift certificate for a massage or a bottle of their signature fragrance are always appreciated.

Always in a rush, look for clothes that are no-fuss. Not just anything will do for you – you’ve got high standards – even if you do tend to under dress for every occasion. And no-fuss is probably the best look for you, as no matter how together you are when you walk out the door, by the end of the day you’re always comfortably askew. Wear blues, purple or white.

To the archer, the world is but a stage! Famous Sag’s include Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Christina Aquilera, Keith Richards, Bette Midler and Tina Turner… you get the picture. There is nothing subtle here. Break out the big guns for your fire sign! Don’t be afraid to go overboard with strong musical choices. If you’re looking for something mind-blowing but a little mellower, remember that Beethoven was also a Sag. The best-case scenario would include taking them to a concert – they love a little adventure! Give them a taste of the world, and they’ll give you something even better.


Capricorns like to dress casually unless they have to step in to the spot light .They do not allocate much time for improving their physical appearance. For men, casual jeans with cotton T-shirt must be an all time favourite .At the most they would replace jeans with cotton pants.In black suit tie and with that devil-may-care attitude they look unusually attractive that some women may find difficult to resist. Capricorn women may like vegetable colors and hand block print designs. They can try classical and sophisticated styles for romantic evenings.

No matter what it is, make sure it is the BEST of it’s like. Books on how to better oneself, how to get ahead, biographies of the ultra-successful, anything that reeks of success will appeal to them. Green, black and silver are their colors. Items that they can use at work are always popular with them, anything to help them stay organized will be appreciated.

The goat will enjoy gifts that are solid and lasting, especially if they are likely to increase in value over time. Watches, clocks, plaques or unique mementos that commemorate something special in their lives, as well as antiques or family heirlooms should be high on your Capricorn gift-giving list. An exotic globe will appeal to their earthiest instincts.

You’ll easily resist clothes that are inexpensive and trendy in favor of dollar-heavy, label conscious pieces you can wear for years. You like to dress rich and smart, with a sort of “Royal Family” look – cashmere’s, khakis with valuable hand-me-down heirloom accessories. Take your wardrobe up a notch by buying into at least one new trend, in one of those deep rich tones you look so good in.

Slow seduction is the key with this patient, earthy lover. Shake your hips and lips like Elvis did, or break out some Bowie – another fellow goat. Both of them certainly will bring the power of a seductive voice. Add Annie Lennox and Sade to your soundtrack as you pull your lover out of their day-to-day duties and into a more enticing dream for two. Once you find their favorite song, keep in mind that they will not tire of it. Once it hits home, it will always be on their lips – and in their heart.


Aquarians like to dress unconventionally for that shock value.They were made for blue blazers and gray pants & they look handsome too. Women should not go for too light or clinging dress. Long single color dresses with sequin work can be worn for that stunning look. Women may favour geometric and asymmetric cuts. They look beautiful in dark colors like black, wine or violet.

Any Aquarian you know will have some type of current passion, find out what it is, and gift accordingly. Since these passions may change hourly, make sure you wait until right before the holiday to shop for it. Electronic gadgets, puzzles, brain teasers, unusual and hard to find objects, either ultra modern or ancient in nature will all have appeal. Velcro and zippers turn them on. Colors are white, electric blue, yellow and green, and oh, they LOVE stripes!

Aquarians tend to appreciate the quirky, eccentric or clever. Their interests can often be satisfied by gifting them with video games, computer software or any of the latest and greatest electronic gadgets. Crystals, a basket of organic food and wine, a meditation class series, or antique singing bowls will appeal to their spiritual nature. For a splurge, present them with an evil eye charm necklace set in enamel, gold or diamonds

You have the most original sense of style in the zodiac. You just seem to draw whatever’s hot, quirky and fun to wear into your eclectic wardrobe without a second thought. Just be careful that you don’t end up the fashion victim by overdoing the trends. Whatever you wear, you’ll look out-of-this-world in sky blue, electric blue and turquoise.

This humanity lover needs a mellow – but intellectual – groove to get into the mood for love. Play them solo artists such as Bob Marley (who had the Aquarian societal consciousness your lover appreciates). And don’t skimp on tracks that feature super-sexy beats! This idealistic water bearer appreciates world music, and yearns to hear musicians who are full of heart. Let them know you’re aware of what they want, and they’ll be very aware of you!


Pisceans are simple and their clothes reflect their personality . Clothes are the extension of their sensitive and compassionate soul. They are unfettered by the latest fashion trends. Men may find the old faithful denim the ultimate in wearability. For formal wear both traditional and contemporary look is advised . For women, the colors are delicate shades of salmon, turquoise, blue or green . The silk polyester blended jackets with classic cuts or kurtas/gowns in fluid shapes look bewitching on them .The focal point of fashion may be scarves or handbags.

Appeal to their imaginations, put a little magic into their gift. Velvety soft clothing, velvety soft foods, velvety soft wrapping paper and cards will do well. Poetry, mystical books, a psychic reading, an astrology chart will also make them happy. The colors on a peacock feather on the colors for Pisces, and purple. They also tend to like coconuts for some odd reason.

Pisces adore presents that spark their imagination or appeal to their romantic side. Paints and canvas, a digital camera, a boxed set of their favorite DVD series or a relaxing video of the ocean waves peacefully rolling in and out will soothe and inspire them. Better, yet, how about a weekend trip to the sea? Choose a fishing trip or a vacation cruise if you’re shopping for a big ticket item.

Glamour, romance and a touch of sentimental drama are your preferred sense of style. You like to dress to fit your mood and are easiest to spot, and usually at your best, in baby blues, barely there pinks and greens, in soft or flowy fabrics. Stay away from attention-grabbing shoes and choose comfort over style, if your feet are typically sensitive and Pisces-sized!

Dream, dream, dream… George Harrison was a Pisces – as was Johnny Cash. Jon Bon Jovi is a Pisces as well. Pisces partners adore getting carried away, and their sensitive souls can use some uplifting music. Nina Simone embodies the passionate, emotional style that resonates with this water sign. You’ll want to tell a story with the music you play for this lover. Once you pull them into that fantasy world, they can let go – and dream of you.





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