Vedic astrology and sexuality

Houses of sexuality

The 2nd house addresses masturbation, as the house of self-value and self-relating. It is the resources we have that come from ourselves. You might call it the sexual/erotic/amorous bank account. It is the house of “you can only love others as much as you love yourself” and by extension, “your sexual relationship to yourself is the basis of your sexual relationship to others.” Contrast this with the 8th house in a little while. When you apply the Thema Mundi (the ancient chart of the world) this house is associated with Leo and the Sun, which act like a giant battery of resources that we access if we know where to start.

The 5th house is the house of play, pleasure, child-like fun, curiosity and risks. The 5th includes art and artists, and we know that these are among the most sexually interested and interesting creatures; we know how much art involves sexual, erotic or relational themes. For many astrologers, this is THE house of sex; just consider the themes. The ‘child like fun’ also includes children and the activities which lead to their existence. If you apply the Thema Mundi, you find out that this is the house that has Scorpio involved, which is the sign of the genitals, of sexual bonding and of deep surrender. So the superficial appeal of the 5th — fun, risks and pleasure — lead deeper, into the more emotional, karmic region of Scorpio. Isabel Hickey called the 5th the house of esoteric karma. She does not say what she means (and it sounds like she got this from a writer named Alice Bailey, but I cannot find it), but if you study the 5th, that is, if you watch what happens with 5th house events, placements and transits, you figure it out. There is that “other layer” that became evident when Project Hindsight unearthed the Thema Mundi.

The 6th house is the house of healing, service and wellbeing: bienestar. Most astrologers would not say this is a house of sexual or relational themes, unless they have a holistic orientation. First, a healthy sexuality and sex life are key elements in whether one is mentally and physically healthy. Looked at another way, much of the world is walking around with unaddressed sexual injury. Consequently, all healers (6th house role) are working with their clients on those injuries whether they know it or not. All healers, be they massage therapists, astrologers, psychologists or doctors, have to work out a system of sexual boundaries with their clientele and the 6th is the environment in which this is done. Then there are those who work specifically as sexual healers; there are more than you think. Some are working ‘undercover’ as nurses who lock the door and help out someone laying in traction; others are working as erotic massage practitioners. These are people offering sex in service. Anyone who is a conscious lover offers sex in service, and as a gesture of healing and self-integration (again, whether ‘consciously’ or not). The 6th is also the house that covers one’s workplace, and we all know how much sexual energy flies around the office; how many affairs; how many relationships start in the office.

The 7th house is the one that covers lovers and open enemies (the ancients either had a sinister sense of humor or were highly perceptive, or both). The 7th is where we engage with The Other directly, be it lover, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or mistress. The 7th speaks of the inherently polarized nature of relationships, and of sexual relationships in particular. It’s interesting that the 7th covers open enemies: how many of those does sex make?

The 8th house in the words of my astrology mentor David Arner is the sex you want. It’s also the sex you want specifically from others, so carries themes such as jealousy and possessiveness. From the earliest English characterization, it’s the house of death, dowry and the substance of the bride. In more modern terms it’s the house of other people’s resources, which would count for their sex, sexual organs, reproductive capacity, genetic material, genetic lineage/heritage and all matters of legacy that connect with sex (such as your father in law). The sexual psychology of the 8th is the fascinating stuff we usually glaze over. The 8th contains our concept of surrender; what prompts, or induces, or leads, or pushes us into surrender. We tend to keep this secret. It would be interesting to peer into your mind in those last 10 seconds before orgasm and see what, ultimately, allows you to let go. I think that is the 8th house at its most beautiful psychic depth. In some respects the 8th is the power game we play with ourselves (by granting or denying that thing that helps us let go); and at other times it is the leverage we use against others to concentrate power, or try to; but of course there is that point of frustration — dualism. Nothing that we do to others, are we free from. The 8th is also the house that covers specifically where money is exchanged for sex, so all matters of prostitution would be covered by the 8th, even if they have other themes covered by other houses.

The 12th house in Vedic astrology is the pleasures of the bed. In Western astrology it represents the fantasy life and has a close correspondence to both solo sex and partner sex, which can be equally driven by fantasy. It often represents the disowned material which we project onto others. See all those houses on the right side of the chart? They are called the zone of projection (a term that came to me through the Canadian astrologer Ani Black). Most of the houses of relationship and sexuality are covered in the zone of projection and the 12th is like this hidden projection booth from where the light shines. Once we call back the projection and enter the 12th consciously, all the rules change; indeed, they are all suspended, and we are free within the containment of our own minds. Yet if those minds reach out to one another, the 12th may be the most significant meeting place; call it the astral plane, call it the collective unconscious; call it what you will. It is the house where we are all equal before the power of creation.

Sunsign sexuality of elements
Before you read it you have to know that You Have to know your Vedic Sun Sign.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are Oversexed.
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are sober in sex behavior.
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius have secret liking for sex but never exhibit their sexual feelings.
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are not very sexoriented but show highly passionate feelings.

Size of Sex Organs

Man has been divided into three types according to the size of Penis
Hare- man has shortest male organs upto 4″ in length.
Bull man has medium male organ upto 6″ in length.
Horse man has longest male organs upto 8″ in length.
Circumference of the Penis is according to the length but it may not be proportional.

Female has been divided into three types according to the depth of vagina.

Deer woman has shortest vaginal passage of 4″ long.
Hare women has medium vaginal passage of 6″ long.
Elephant woman has longest vaginal passage of 8″long.
Circumference is in proportion to vaginal length but can be stretched to a longer size.

Determination of male organs
If the 8th house belongs to
SUN :- If Sun is in 8th house the native has virile and well proportioned organs with normal sex functions.

MOON :- If Moon is in 8th house the native has slightly undersized and flaccid organ and sex functioning depends upon moods.

MERCURY :- If Mercury is in 8th house the native has slightly undersized , flaccid and weak organ. Native also suffers from inferiority complex in sex matters.

MARS :- If Mars is in 8th house the native has small , active and well proportioned organ.

JUPITER :- If Jupiter is in 8th house the native has normal size but active and verile organs.

SATURN :- If Saturn is in 8th house the native has long and lanky organ but not very capable.

Determination of Female Breasts

The size and shape of female Breasts are also depends on the placement of planets in the birth Horoscope. The size of breasts can be judged from the horoscope of the female as follow.

If Saturn is aspecting moon in horoscope then the native has very small but long breasts.

If Mars is aspecting Moon in horoscope then the native has strong and very attractive breasts.

If Jupiter is aspecting Moon in horoscope then the native has fairly big size breasts.

If Venus is aspecting Moon in horoscope then the native has extremely beautiful breasts.

If Sun has the influence on 4th house of the Horoscope or Moon then the native has hard breasts.

If Sun is in 3rd house of the horoscope then the native has well formed breasts.

If moon is in 8th house of the horoscope then the native has ill- formed breasts.

Sexual acts and their behavior
(for this you have to know your Vedic chart)
Sexual acts and behavior depends on two factors 1. Sign of native 2. Which planets are in 7th house of the horoscope.

If Moon or Venus is in 7th house of the horoscope then there will be a quick ejaculation during coitus.

If Sun is in the 7th house of the horoscope then there will be agressive sex behavior.

If Moon is in the 7th house of the horoscope then the native is delighted in sex but the ejaculation is quick.

If Mars is in 7th house of the horoscope then he will be impatient in sex which ends quickly.

If Mercury is in the 7th house of the horoscope then the native suffers from premature ejaculation or nervous exhaustion.

If Rahu is in the 7th house of the horoscope the native will behave as if he is stealing something.

Role of Mars on Sex life
(offcourse you need your Vedic chart Not your western chart for the interpretation)
The characteristics of sexual tendencies depend upon the position of Mars in the horoscope.

Mars in First House
The native’s married life will be full of enthusiasm, have strong sexual urges and will never be satisfied in sex. He enjoys sex life greatly and fully demonstrates his love and affection to his partner will require constant love and affection from partner.

Mars in Second House
The native will be aggressive and crude in sex matters. He / She has very burning and deep feelings for partner but does not exhibit them.

Mars in Third House
The native will be very determined to have good and healthy sex with the partner. He / She will be courageous and considerate in sex matter but fails to demonstrate.

Mars in Fourth House
The native will have extensive sexual relationship with the partner and will be lustfully inclined and selfish in the relationship. They have deep attachment with the partner.

Mars in Sixth House
The native will not be sex crazy. Sex will be a normal routine for him / her. Native will not have much regards for partner as far as sex is concerned.

Mars in Seventh House
The native will be fond of sex and too demanding in sex and may indulge in indiscreet sex life. The native will be romantic also.

Mars in Eight House
The native will have too much sex-indulgent, indiscriminate in sex and greatly attached to principles and morals of married life.

Mars in Ninth House
The native will be very moderate and considerate to partner in sex habits. The native will not regards sex as a driving force in life.

Mars in Tenth House
The native will be methodical and touchy in sex matters. The native will be fond of pronography and very concious of successful sex act.

Mars in Eleventh House
The native has craving for sex but do not show openly and easily satisfied. They attach more importance to health and have a saintly outlook, though in thoughts they are sex- crazy.

Mars in Twelfth House
The native will be quick and restless in sex behaviour. Even use unnatural methods of sex. The native will be careless about partner,s feeling.