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Also I hear a lot of people wanting to know more about asteroids, so I’m finding out more about it, but it is quite hard to find the information, and not all astrologers use even asteroids in their calculations.

Also, for people of different sexual preferences (bi, gay, lesbian), do not be offended by the main idea here putting male and female astrology in the interpretation, it’s nothing personal, I made this website a long time ago, and not everything is totally updated to this date. You can always look at the sign of the partner, if it is a guy or girl and what kind of thing the partner likes, if it is a guy or a girl.

The main idea of the website is to form a database of all kinds of information about astrology and sexuality. It is not meant to harm other people. So if you find something that is yours, or you know it is someone elses, and you don’t see the (right) source, please email me so I can correct it. The site was used at first for personal reasons, but later became so big that it would be useful for other people too to share it. I try to put as much the right source links as possible.

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Unanswered love

Unrequited love has certain markers in the charts. An Astrologer can look at a synastry chart and tell you what each person is feeling. This is one of the questions I get most often. To see what one person feels, the Astrologer should focus on his moon, first and foremost. One’s Moon is one’s heart. One’s Moon is one’s inner child. Falling in love is child to child. Hence, falling in love is Moon to Moon. I am talking about soul here, the kind one has with one’s best friend. I am not talking about passion. That is other aspects, which I will address shortly.

Back to the Moons. Without Moon connections, the relationship will have no soul. Hence, if a client brings me a chart with one person’s moon unaspected to the other person, I see no future for the relationship.By unaspected, I mean that the Moon of one person makes no aspects to the chart of the other person. In these cases, neither person seems to understand the other. I am sure you can imagine how this would feel in a marriage.

I, always, watch the charts in everything I do. If I have a relationship, any relationship,  I see how the charts play out. If you have ever found yourself at a cocktail party, stuck in the corner with someone who does not understand you, that is how it would feel with an Unaspected Moon in synastry.

The Unaspected Sun in synastry works the same way.  With the Unaspected Sun, it has a different slant. In this case, the two do not understand the motives of one another, as opposed to the hearts of one another, as is the case with the Moons.

While we are talking about Unaspected Planets in synastry, we may as well examine  some of the others. An Unaspected Venus in synastry has a different slant. In this case, the partner will have different tastes. This would extend to all aspects of life from music to clothes to cars to home furnishings. With the Unaspected Venus, the sensibilities would be similar to Oscar and Felix in the Odd Couple. Oscar would throw his napkin behind the sofa and Felix would come along with a dustpan.

With the Unaspected Mercury in synastry, one would not really understand the mind of the other. If you have ever had a conversation that seems as if it takes gargantuan effort to make the person understand what you are saying, that would express the nature of the Unaspected Mercury.

With the Unaspected Mars in synastry, the drives would be different. One’s drives encompass a wide range of situations from passion to practical life and career goals. In this case, there would not be an understanding of the drives the other person.One person may be very career oriented. He may want to  rise to the top of the corporation. The other person may want to live on a commune. This is an extreme example but I hope it makes the point. So, when you are doing your own synastries, check for any planet of one person which makes no aspects to the chart of the other and you will have a major understanding of the relationship in one fell swoop.

Now, a classic example of unrequited love is when one person wants to be a friend and the other wants to be a lover. In these situation,  the person who wants to be a friend will put his  neutral planets on the chart of the other. The one who wants to be a lover will put passionate planets on the chart of the other. Let’s give some examples. One person may put his Mercury on the NN of the other. Mercury is communication but not passion.  The other person may put his Venus on the NN of the other. Venus is pure love. The Moon is soul but not passion. Hence,  if a person’s  Mercury conjuncts another person’s  Moon, there would be a friendship. If Venus conjunct the Moon, there would be love.

House Overlays play a role, too. If a man puts his planets into your second house, which is the house of money and you put many of your planets into his house of marriage, you want marriage more than he does. This is a simplification but House Overlays are important.

source: http://mychristianpsychic.com/journal/unrequited-love-charts/

One way love is unreciprocated love that you want to avoid before you burn out needlessly, reaching devastating levels of heartbreak and self-destruction.

Astrology can help to find out in a snap if you might experience unrequited love with someone else.

In doing a chart comparison between two people it’s always best to focus on the standouts to find the essence of the relationship.

Many times clients ask and wonder: is this love, is it just friendship or sympathy or is it lust…

Astrology can tell you.

One of the most important factors in a chart comparison, among others, is the analysis of the planets and bodies that conjunct the angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant and IC) in the natal chart of the other person.

This is one of the best indications of attraction between two people and this should never be neglected when you compare two charts for mutual attraction.

The analysis of the planets and bodies that conjunct the angles of the other person (orb 6° but the closer the orb the better) describes whom you are attracted to and vice versa.

To a lesser extent, the other aspects (squares, and especially sextiles or trines) can be important too ON CONDITION that they are exact.

In this article we will only focus on the most important aspect of all: the conjunction.

The rule goes as follows: the person whose angles are conjunct a planet or body in the natal chart of the other person, is in love or feels highly attracted to the other person.

The more the conjunction is exact (0°00′ – 0°01′), the more powerful and irresistible attraction and overwhelming love becomes.

While an orb of 6° still works, we do prefer smaller orbs and much more prefer an orb of 3°. The reason is that a wider orb may be overruled by other exact aspects and/or midpoints.

FYI: exact midpoints between two persons always overrule the aspects!

If you read the articles published on our web site, you will know how much we pay attention to very very small orbs and exact aspects! This works and will keep you to the very basics and standouts too.

Example: when the MC of person A is conjunct Venus of person B, then person A is in love with person B. B will only be in love with person A (reciprocal love) if his/her angles too are conjunct a planet or body of person A.

So, if in the chart comparison you only find that planets of one person aspect an angle in the natal chart of the other person, than you do know that there is just one way love or unrequited and unreciprocated love!

If in the chart comparison, we find that planets of a person conjunct an angle of the other person AND a planet of the other person conjuncts an angle of the 1st person, then we know there is reciprocated or shared love.

The most important bodies to conjunct an angle in the natal chart of another person are the Moon and Venus. Both bodies bring real love to the foreground.

  • The Moon points to a comfort zone, something that is familiar and is related to the one you un- and subconsciously turn to.
  • Venus denotes adorable love. It cannot get better than this. If you have Venus conjunct an angle in the chart of the other person, this is the purest love possible.

Aside from the Moon and Venus, any other planet or body (the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) can conjunct the other’s agles too, which is also good an indication of attraction.

  • Neptune brings devotion and longings.
  • Mars is related to physical attraction but may also result in physical violence if other configurations point to it.
  • Jupiter brings tolerance in some way.
  • Mercury is related to mental stimuli and insight.
  • The Moon’s Nodes are highly important too and can bring kind of a fated attraction.
  • Also, when the angles of one partner conjunct the angles of the other person, you may be magnetically and irresistably attracted to each other.In our research, we found this combination in numerous instances between married people, especially when one of the angles isexactly conjunct one of the other person’s angles.

    Almost always, in an almost infallible way, people whose angles (all 4 angles) coincide and thus are exact, are destined to marry. The love relationship will last forever too (there will be no divorce that is).

Do know that, when there is one way love, the “planet person” may just feel sympathy for the “angle person” (and not love) and may (easily) quit the relationship for another person/lover.

Mind though that attraction as such has nothing to do with endurability or lasting love. It’s not because a planet of the other person conjuncts one of your angles and vice versa, that you will build a lasting love union.

A planet conjunct an angle is just a very strong and powerful indication of attraction and when the Moon or Venus are involved, there is love from one side (one way love).

Also, the “angle person” is the most vulnerable one, because his/her feelings of love are triggered.

This may result in unrequited love and lover’s burnout, denoting that the “angle person” does EVERYTHING to satisfy the (needs of the) “planet person.” No need to say that this drains the own energy field.

If love is not reciprocated, the “angle person” may hopelessly chase a fata morgana, fill a bottomless bottle.

Though there may be sympathy from the “planet person”, consider that sympathy is NOT love and the feelings are not of the same kind, intensity and “frequency”!

This way, there is no balance between two people resulting in love to become a very painful and even destructive experience for the “angle person.”

There is nothing more painful than love that is not returned, not reciprocated and it’s best to advice the “angle person” to do everything possible to let the “planet person” go.

There is no need to chase something one cannot obtain.

There is no way to force fate because that’s just going against the flow of life and higher energy fields we cannot change or overpower. We all must learn to go with the flow and not go against it.

It’s senseless to burn ourselves out and make our own life a misery.

You may ask, how can this all be clarified?

Our theory (!) is that the angles (and house cusps) are sensitive points that receive or suck energies while planets and bodies radiate or send energies.

If radiating energies from the “planet person” are received by the “angle person”, it triggers a charge or a vibe. This sending-receiving combo acts like a totally irresistible magnetic North-South pole attraction.

When the receiving angles coincide, this may result in sucking energies which result in a vacuum that glues two people together.

Planetary combinations (conjunctions and aspects) are a lower kind of polarized combinations, resulting in minor attractions. That’s why we assume that planetary inter-aspects are less important than planet-angle combinations and inter-aspects.

Here too Nature seems to be based on a hierarchy (in order of importance, the most important and powerful combo above):

  1. coinciding angles
  2. coinciding angles and bodies
  3. coinciding bodies/planets

The coinciding factor is above all a conjunction, followed by other exact aspects.

source: http://www.cosmitec-astrological-compatibility-advice.com/one-way-love.html

Synastry and marriage aspects

If you want to know which astrology aspects are interesting to look at, you can think about the aspects of personal planets made with saturn, and saturn is certain houses. You can also think of the sign asteroid juno is placed in, and the aspects it makes with other planets of the partner. Also the connection between sun and moon and aspects of planets (conjunction/opposite) with the sun/moon midpoint can be interesting to look at. Also you can look at the planets of the partner that fall in the 7th house.

For more detailed description you can go to the article of: http://astrologystudy.blogspot.nl/2014/01/marriage-aspects-in-synastry.htmlOriginal source: http://sasstrology.com/2014/01/marriage-aspects-in-synastry.html 


Juno in Aries: Your partner will be fiery, direct, aggressive, and active.

Juno in Taurus: Your partner will be stubborn, stable, and physically attractive. This aspect can also indicate material prosperity after marriage.

Juno in Gemini: Your partner will be talkative, curious, and intelligent. This aspect sometimes indicates multiple marriages.

Juno in Cancer: Your partner will be sensitive, dependent, and emotional.

Juno in Leo: Your partner will be creative, egotistical, energetic, and full of life.

Juno in Virgo: Your partner will be hard-working, health-conscious, and critical. He might work in the health field.

Juno in Libra: Your partner will be attractive, loving, sociable, and well-mannered.

Juno in Scorpio: Your partner will be sexual, mysterious, and perhaps jealous.

Juno in Sagittarius: Your partner may come from a different locality or cultural background. You may meet your partner abroad. He will be philosophical, honest, and may be interested in higher learning.

Juno in Capricorn: Your spouse will be a corporate type. He might be older, and you may meet him later in your life (after your Saturn Return).

Juno in Aquarius: The partner will be original, independent, logical. You may meet through friends.

Juno in Pisces: Your partner will be dreamy, artsy, and imaginative. Make sure you don’t marry someone simply because you think he needs “help”!

Juno-Ascendant: The Juno person sees the Ascendant person as their ideal mate. The Ascendant person looks and projects herself how the Juno person envisions their marriage partner. Juno was likely instantly attracted to the Ascendant person.

Juno-Sun:  The Sun person’s basic nature expresses the qualities the Juno person is looking for in a partner. The Juno person sees the Sun person as their ideal mate. It is easy for the two of them to commit to each other on a fundamental level.

Juno-Moon: The Juno person feels attracted to and comfortable with the way the Moon person expresses their emotions. It is easy for the two of them to commit to one another on an emotional level.

Juno-Venus: The Juno person’s feelings of commitment are activated by the Venus person, and the Venus person finds an ideal partner in the Juno person. The Juno person feels the Venus person is their ideal mate, and it is easy for them to commit to each other on a romantic level.

Juno-Mars: The Juno person is attracted to the sexual charisma and assertiveness of the Mars person. It is easy for these two to commit to each other sexually. This aspect increases the chances of continuing to have great sex after marriage.

Juno-Jupiter: Juno and Jupiter are natural partners for one another. The Jupiter person expands Juno’s desire for commitment and marriage, and feels she has met her match in the Jupiter person. On the downside, the Jupiter person may make the Juno person suspicious of infidelity.

Juno-Saturn: The Asteroid of marital commitment meets the planet of commitment! Juno feels safe and secure with Saturn. Saturn stimulates Juno’s desire to settle down. As such, it is very easy for them to commit to each other.

According to a study, certain Juno aspects were commonly found in the synastry charts of married couples, including: Juno conjunct North Node, Juno conjunct Juno, Juno trine Venus, and Juno trine Mars. If these aspects are not presents in the synastry chart of your and your mate, don’t fret! Other Juno aspects are indicative of a potential marriage partner, as well.

source: http://astrolady.wix.com/astrolady#!juno-in-the-natal-chart-and-synastry/cskw


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Synastry of bad sex

Sure, Astrology can give us indications of great sex in synastry, but can it indicate bad sex, too? Here are some aspects which may indicate sexual incompatibility. Note: These aspects, on their own, do not necessarily indicate “bad sex”. Supportive aspects can negate these influences.

Mars square/opposite Mars:

In astrology, Mars represents our sexual style. When your Mars squares another person’s Mars, it indicates that your sexual styles are at odds. You express your sexuality in different ways, which can indicate sexual incompatibility. Squares cause friction, so it may be difficult to reconcile these sexual differences. Your body rhythms may not match well, which can result in disappointment for both of you. For example, Mars in Taurus natives enjoy natural, physical sexual expressions. They are not fond of spontaneity or variety when it comes to love-making. If a Mars in Taurus person partnered up with a Mars in Aquarius person, this may spell trouble. Mars in Aquarius intellectualizes sex, which may confuse the Mars in Taurus person. Mars in Aquarius seeks plenty of variety in sex, and tends to enjoy the “idea” of sex more than the act itself. This would obviously be a problem for sensual Mars in Taurus, who needs plenty of physical contact to be satisfied.  The opposition is not as problematic as the square, but the sexual differences remain.

Mars square Saturn:

Saturn is the planet of restriction and discipline, while Mars is the planet of sex and aggression. When these two planets collide in synastry, sexual problems may plague the couple. Saturn may block, hamper, or limit Mars’ sexuality. Saturn may feel disappointed with Mars’ performance in bed, generating anger and hostility between the couple. This can result in the decline of Mars’ self-confidence when it comes to sexual matters.

Mars square Uranus:

Hard aspects from Uranus to another person’s planets in synastry often indicate an on-off energy in regards to the planet involved. This aspect doesn’t necessarily indicate “bad” sex, but can indicate sudden shifts in sexual interest on the part of the Uranus person. At first, the sex is likely to be electric and fulfilling, but over time, the Uranus person may tire of the sex and seek excitement somewhere else.

Source: http://starscopestoday.wordpress.com

Lets talk about what repulses us in a person. I have to start with Moons, as they are one’s deepest heart. I do not think Moon square Moon can sustain a long term relationship. If it does, it is lacking. It is sad. It is missing a piece.

Moon oppose Moon is fine in a platonic relationship. In fact, I think it is excellent in a platonic relationship because each person brings an opposite perspective. This is wonderful with friends. However, if one takes this to lovers, there will be an essential piece missing, in my opinion. When one partner cries, the other will not know how to comfort him. There is a lack of simpatico due to the opposite Moons.

One may give an opposite  perspective but one will not give true heart. The true heart resonates on a different spectrum. Hence, there is angst. Hence, there is sadness and loneliness.  I don’t think a wonderful relationship can exist with Moon square or Moon oppose Moon. Can a relationship endure? Of course. Will it fill your heart. To me, the answer is NO.

Sexuality is from the head up, not the neck  down. Attraction may be fleeting but if there is no soul, it soon  becomes empty. It becomes vapid. It becomes sad. Hence, if one has an attraction and nothing else, one will be left with a sense of angst as if one has eaten a big meal but found it to be  cardboard. Any relationship is based on soul. Without soul, there is no music. There is no beat. There is no anything but the sacharrine music that plays on elevators.

Let’s leave Moons, for the moment. However, one can never truly leave Moons because without Moon connections, there is not much of anything but we need to move on. The worst aspects for sexuality would be the worst aspects for simpatico. These would include one of the partnersshutting down the life passion/energy  of the other. This can be done in a number of ways. People can tear down the core of another. People can step on the love of another. People can diminish the shine of another. I will talk about all of these and how they erode relationships.

If one person’s Saturn squares another person’s Moon, the Saturn person may throw cold water on the sensitive feelings of the Moon person. We, all have sensitive feelings.  Even the toughest person hurts. Even the toughest person wants to be loved. Hence, when a Saturn is square a Moon, the Moon person feels as if he cannot measure up.  If you can imagine a father who chastises you when you get an A minus and not an A, that is how this aspect feels, in my opinion.

If a Saturn squares a Venus, one may feel as if one is not attractive enough. One may feel as if one is not pretty enough for the partner. The Saturn may transmit this message to the Venus person, without words, perhaps, but it will be transmitted. The Venus person may feel like she has to be perfect in order to be loved by the Saturn person. This hurts a great deal. I have been here, so can talk from personal experience. I am sure many of you have, too. Our topic is the worst aspects for sexuality. I think one can imagine that the above two aspects would put a terrible damper on passion. Hence, the worst aspects for sexuality are, always, the worst aspects. for simpatico.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about a nuclear sexuality. This would be Nessu/Deja. If one wants to hang from the light fixtures, one will do so with Nessus/Deja. One may go emotional and sexual  places one never thought one could. One may  touch feelings one never thought one could. However, will it last? My answer would be No. Is it worth it? My answer would be maybe.

I think Nessus/Deja relationships deepen you, as well as humble you. The most judgemental person  is the  one who has not been humbled. I have seen Nessus/Deja relationships take a proud person and put her in the dust. Hence, she does not judge the next person who comes along

Mars figures into sexuality. Mars is drive. For some Mars signs, another Mars sign will not work well. A Cancer Mars like me does not work with another Cancer Mars. Who would chase the other around the couch 😀  A Scorpio Mars is perfect for a Cancer Mars because he has get up and go. Also, a water sign would understand the workings of another water sign. Mars has to work well in the synastry for there to be attraction.

If there is a Mars square Mars or  a Mars oppose Mars, it may be too strident. If a Mars works well with a Sun, there can be a nice balance. For a Gemini Sun, an Aquarius Mars works well. Hence, we have an Air sun trine an Air Mars. There are many possible good placements for the Mars in synastry. In my real world examples( and the charts I have done), people seem to be attracted to the same Mars signs over and over.

Source:  http://mychristianpsychic.com/journal/worst-aspects-sexuality/ 

Sexual Promiscuity in the Natal Chart

What do the stars have to say about your sexuality? Is your love as attracted to you, as you are to him/her? When Will you find love? Order an astrology report and find out now! astroladyconsultations@gmail.com


Mars/Venus square or opposite Jupiter in the natal chart

Mars and Venus are sexual planets, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion. With this aspect, your sex drive is strong, and you may feel you can never have enough sex. This can obviously lead to sexual promiscuity. Mars also represents impulsiveness, so you may tend to “jump in” to sexual situations without proper foresight.

Heavily populated 5th House

The fifth house is the house of romance and sex. When you have planets in your fifth house, you are likely to see sex as casual and recreational, rather than a serious expression of love. This is especially true if Venus, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, or especially if the ruler of your 8th house is located in your fifth house.

Sagittarius on the cusp of the 5th house

The 5th house is the house of sex and love affairs. Sagittarius on the cusp of this house means the house is ruled by expansive Jupiter. Jupiter on the cusp of the 5th tends to increase the number of sexual partners a person will have in their life. As mentioned before, Jupiter residing in the fifth house is another indicator of promiscuity.

Hard Venus/Saturn aspects/Venus in Capricorn

In astrology, hard Venus-Saturn aspects are often indicative of a low self-worth. As such, these individuals may use sex to reaffirm their self-esteem. Individuals with this placement often feel they are unworthy of love, so sex may be used to validate themselves. Venus in Capricorn is typically associated with prostitution; individuals with this placement can easily detach themselves emotionally from sex. In addition, Venus in Capricorn individuals may link sex with business.

Mars/Saturn aspect

Mars is the sign of sex, while Saturn is the sign of restriction and control. This aspect indicates a great amount of sexual stamina, and remaining sexual active in the later part of one’s life. Exploration of the taboo sides of sex, such as domination, S & M, and pain may result from this aspect. Like the Venus/Saturn aspect, these individuals may seek to validate their self-worth through sex.

Venus/Mars aspects

When Venus, the planet of love, makes a hard aspect to Mars, the planet of sex, in the natal chart, the individual is said to be lustful. Individuals with this placement associate love with sex, and have strong sexual drives, which can lead them towards promiscuous activities.

Venus/Mars in aspect Neptune aspects

Hard aspects between Venus and/or Mars and Neptune are commonly associated with promiscuity. This aspect is apparently indicative of illicit sexual appetites. Neptune is the planet of escapism and addictions, and when partnered with Venus or Mars, the native may be addicted to sexual pleasure. On the other hand, Neptune desires sacred sexuality, while Mars is impulsive. As such, individuals with hard Mars-Neptune aspects may lack the patience to stay in a relationship long enough to see whether their sexual ideals will be achieved. As a result, they may tend to go through many lovers in their lifetime due to their search for their sexual ideal.

Neptune in the 8th house

This placement indicates an idealized view of sex, as well as the tendency towards promiscuity. Similar to the case of Venus/Mars aspects to Neptune, this placement indicates someone who uses sex as an “escape.”

Mars/Uranus aspects

Hard aspects between Mars, the planet of sex, with Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, can lead to promiscuous behavior. Mars is impulsive, while Uranus is erratic and unstable. Together, these planets can indicate numerous, short-term sexual encounters.

Mars/Venus/Pluto in the 8th house

When Mars, the planet of impulsiveness, in situated in the 8th house, the house of sex, sexual desires are strong. Venus in the 8th house indicates a highly lustful and pleasure-seeking nature. Pluto is “at home” in the 8th house, and indicates a strong sexual drive. The individual may feel they are unable to “help themselves” when trying to control their sexual appetites.

Venus/Pluto aspects

Individuals with this placement seek deep, intense, transformative sexual experiences. Unevolved Venus/Pluto natives may cover up this desire with sexual promiscuity, due to a fear of entering a fated relationship they won’t be able to escape from. Individuals with this placement are highly magnetic, as well.

Venus or Mars in Air Signs

Venus and Mars are sexual signs. When they are found in Air signs, the individual is likely emotionally detached from the sexual act. Emotional detachment from sex is said to lead to promiscuity, as a strong, solid, secure bond is not needed to “turn them on.” In addition, Air signs crave variety, which also indicates a tendency towards having several sexual partners. Individuals with Venus or Mars in Libra may tend towards promiscuity due to their inability to say “no.” Individuals with Venus or Mars in Gemini may tend towards promiscuity due to a strong need for variety, as well as the fact that they are easily bored. Venus or Mars in Aquarius natives enjoy experimentation and variety, which can lead them into numerous sexual encounters.

Venus or Mars in Fire

Individuals with Venus and/or Mars in a fire sign love their sexual and romantic freedom. They are usually very flirtatious, and love the chase. Venus/Mars in Sagittarius are restless in sex and love, and desire a lot of sexual experimentation with as many partners as possible. Individuals with Venus or Mars in Leo crave attention and spotlight. Leo rules the fifth house of casual sex, so individuals with their Mars in this sign may have an affinity for one night stands. Individuals with Venus or Mars in Aries are addicted to the chase, and are easily aroused. They are also impulsive, and then to “act before they think” when it comes to sex and love.

Eros in Virgo

Virgo is symbolized by the “virgin”. If this is the case, why would Eros, the asteroid which identifies our sexual turn-ons, in Virgo indicate a promiscuous person? People with this placement associate health and well-being (Virgo) with sex (Eros). You’ll find that individuals with this placement range from complete and utter celibacy to promiscuity.

Venus in Virgo

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. As such, you’ll find many Virgos who guard their virginity and chastity. At the same time, individuals with this placement sometimes suffer from feelings of sexual inferiority, especially if this planet is afflicted by Mars, Uranus, or Neptune. If this is the case, the native may become promiscuous in order to receive love and validate herself.