Update to visitors and people who posted reactions/emails

Hi people,

I found out that there is a huge amount of people visiting this website, so I’m a bit overwhelmed at this point, I’m gonne try to answer some questions, but other people can also react on each other if I approved their comment. If you have a question about your chart and you are directing to me to get my opinion or advice, please put your email in the reaction so I can email you back, because I don’t know if you want your details on the website. I will try to answer emails and reactions, but keep in mind, the website has a lot of visitors for something that was a little side project. So it can take a while sometimes.

Also I hear a lot of people wanting to know more about asteroids, so I’m finding out more about it, but it is quite hard to find the information, and not all astrologers use even asteroids in their calculations.

Also, for people of different sexual preferences (bi, gay, lesbian), do not be offended by the main idea here putting male and female astrology in the interpretation, it’s nothing personal, I made this website a long time ago, and not everything is totally updated to this date. You can always look at the sign of the partner, if it is a guy or girl and what kind of thing the partner likes, if it is a guy or a girl.

The main idea of the website is to form a database of all kinds of information about astrology and sexuality. It is not meant to harm other people. So if you find something that is yours, or you know it is someone elses, and you don’t see the (right) source, please email me so I can correct it. The site was used at first for personal reasons, but later became so big that it would be useful for other people too to share it. I try to put as much the right source links as possible.

Thank you!




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