5 thoughts on “Unanswered love in Astrology

  1. This is very accurate! My ascendant in Scorpio is within 1 degree conjunct his sun and more loosely conjunct his Venus (4 degrees). From the first day I met him in 7th grade I could feel the attraction I had toward him, a sort of fascination/fondness toward his personality. I’m a Taurus sun/Libra moon/Scorpio rising, and our moons are conjunct as well. At that time I had pretty low self-esteem regarding the extracurricular activities I participated in (strangely enough, he happened to go through the same cycle of sports as I did before we settled down for swimming) and he was a HUGE role model and inspiration, but also triggered some inferiority issues in me when he started acting like he was interested in me. I sorta flailed about a bit with expressing my interest since I was so scared of his disappointment in my lack of achievement. Anyways things kinda got awkward and I never did find out if our attraction was mutual. Logically, I believe it wasn’t, bc I heard from friends he still liked this other girl who didn’t like him (*sigh* Scorpio obsessiveness…) and how he planned on asking her out (but he never did), but feeling wise I was so sure of it yet unable to act. Now, I’m a junior in high school, and 4 years have gone by, and never have I felt so strongly for someone than him. Our time apart from each other would diminish my feelings, but once some sort of interaction occurs between us, I fall for him all over again…and now that I’ve resolved all my self-esteem issues through a really painful sophomore year, I’m approaching him more confidently. But yeah, once I got into astrology this year a lot of the unexplainable things in my relationships with others suddenly made sense 🙂

  2. Dana Pratt says:

    Thank you for this. I am wondering how wide of an orb people might feel with the angles. MC/AC; IC/DC =5.85 and MC/DC; IC/AC = 7.78 in synastry.
    Plus, planets on angles and vertex and many other synastry factors in addition to north node 3 degree on the MC; and NN conjunct Venus less than 3 degrees etc etc etc… And Pluto with all the personal planets some wide some tight, both directions, and on and on … but Admetus, and huge age difference, so… holding pattern of intensity repeating repeating… dividing factors with Uranus also.. Plenty to look at.

  3. Sarah Fields says:

    I did a birth chart compatibility with my boyfriend, and it compares all of our planets except for venus. My venus was in Leo and his was in Scorpio, but in the breakdown of our planets whether they are conjunction, trine and so forth it does not show for either of us how our venues are compared. Just really wondering what this means.

  4. Christine says:

    Hi! Very interesting! But what if his moon conjuncts my Ascendant and Jupiter, our Venuses conjunct, his sun conjuncts my MC, but my moon is totally unaspected? Is it still doomed?

  5. Anonima says:

    About this here … “If a man puts his planets in his second house, which is the house of money and you put many of your planets in your wedding house, you want the wedding more than him. , but house overlays are important. ”
     Would not it be the other way around ?? In every corner I see of overlapping houses, it is always said that the person of the house who is going to feel affected and not the one of the planet, would not be the man who puts many planets in his second home, arouses in you interest in his possessions , desire to grow financially and also possessiveness? And the woman who puts planets in the 7th house of a man awakens in him the desire for partnership, commitment, marriage and etc?

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