A soulmate synastry calculation with asteroids

I found an interesting calculation of synastry on the web. It’s not totally true that you will get a relationship with the person you got this synastry with, but it gives clues that something is happening between the two of you, and there is potential for a (soulmate) relationship.

One of the greatest applications of astrology is love and relationship compatibility analysis. The most evolved love, unconditional to the core, forgiving, sacrificing and full of joy is the love that can only be experienced by true soul mates. Conventional science and orthodox religion are unaware of past life metaphysics but those who have experienced past lives through hypnotic regression or sudden dreams will testify to knowing the people of “then” and their current incarnations in the now.

And the happiest couples will always “feel” as if they know their mate for lifetimes, that their chance encounter in this life is more like a deja vu, and that the soul mate entered their life after a huge crisis, seeing them through the rough seas into a lifetime of joyful sailing.

Some “past life” mates may also enter our lives in tough times, playing the role of parent figure, friend, helpful sibling or generous business partner. Some may actually drag us down by making us repeat past life mistakes, these are nothing but past life scenarios and “karmas” being played out for atonement and eventual balance. However, in this topic we will see what in a couple’s chart can indicate a true loving soul mate for the happiest relationship.

Can be used as Male to Female or vice versa

Aspect Orbs:
a) Maximum 3.0 degrees Orb when Ascendant, Sun, Moon and Venus are involved.
b) Maximum 2.0 degrees Orb for Asteroids, Mars, Saturn, Pluto when a) is not involved.

Trines, Quincunx and Opposition
a) Maximum 2.0 degrees Orb when Ascendant, Sun, Moon and Venus are involved.
b) Maximum 1 degree 30 minutes Orb for Asteroids, Mars, Saturn, Pluto when a) is not involved.

The synastry calculator may give invalid results if there is less than 40 days difference between the couple.

For reference:
[Generic Love Objects] = AMOR, VALENTINE, EROS, JUNO

[Generic Fate Objects] = N Node, Saturn, Karma, Tyche, Fortuna, Destinn
Universal Filter Rule:
Ascendant of either person must conjunct a Generic Love Object, a Generic Fate Object or any of these:
Asc, Dsc, Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Pluto and Asteroids UNION and ANGEL.
Maximum 3 degrees orb.
Ascendant trine/opp Asc, Dsc, Moon, Sun, Saturn or Karma within 2 degrees orb is also valid.

If this is not true, proceed further with caution as the couple cannot be true love relationship soulmates, even though happiness cannot be ruled out.
If birth time is unknown, the Sun can be used in place of Ascendant and Sun conjunct Moon should not be used as a confirmation.
The Points Table

Sun conj [Aphrodite, Venus, Psyche, Moon,Sun]: 5 points
Mars conj [Aphrodite, Psyche]: 4 points
EROS conj [Aphrodite, Venus]: 4 points
Pluto conj [Aphrodite, Venus, Psyche, Moon]: 3 points
Sun trine [Aphrodite, Venus, Psyche]: 3 points
Mars trine [Aphrodite, Psyche]: 2 points
EROS trine [Aphrodite, Venus]: 3 points
Pluto trine [Aphrodite, Venus, Psyche]: 2 points

[Asc, Sun, Moon] conj [Generic Love Objects]: 5 points
[Asc, Sun, Moon] trine [Generic Love Objects]: 2 points
[Asc, Sun, Moon] opp/quincunx [Generic Love Objects]: 1 point

[Mars, Venus, Pluto] conj [Generic Love Objects]: 3 points
[Mars, Venus, Pluto] trine [Generic Love Objects]: 1 point
[Mars, Venus, Pluto] opp [Generic Love Objects]: 1 point

[Asc, Sun, Moon] conj [Generic Fate Objects]: 3 points
[Asc, Sun, Moon] trine [Generic Fate Objects]: 1 points
[Asc, Sun, Moon] opp/quincunx [Generic Fate Objects]: 1 point

[Mars, Venus, Pluto] conj [Generic Fate Objects]: 2 points
[Mars, Venus, Pluto] trine [Generic Fate Objects]: 1 point
[Mars, Venus, Pluto] opp [Generic Fate Objects]: 1 point

[Generic Fate Object] conj [Generic Love Objects]: 2 points
[Generic Fate Object] trine/opp [Generic Love Objects]:1 point
[Generic Fate Object] conj [Generic Fate Objects]: 2 points
[Generic Fate Object] trine/opp [Generic Fate Objects]:1 point
[Generic Love Object] conj [Generic Love Objects]: 3 points
[Generic Love Object] trine/opp [Generic Love Objects]:2 points
[Sun or Mars or EROS or Pluto] and [Venus or Aphrodite or Psyche or Juno] in same element = 1 point.
Chiron conj Moon, VALENTINE, Karma: 1pt
Pluto trine/conj Mars or Sun: 2 pts
VESTA trine/conj Sun, Mars, Eros or Pluto: 1 pt
LUST trine/conj Mars, Valentine, Amor, Lust, Eros, Karma, Aphrodite, Vesta or Venus : 1 pt
Neptune conjunct/trine JUNO, VALENTINE, AMOR, LUST, EROS

For the following, we have a Soulmate Attraction, 5 pts
Valid Aspects: Conjunction, Opposition, Quincunx and Trine.
Orbs: 3 degrees for Conjunction, 2 degrees for others.

Pluto aspect Persephone or Proserpine
Zeus aspect Hera
Eros aspect Psyche
Mars aspect Venus
Osiris aspect Isis
Adonis aspect Innanen
Fated-SoulMate Pair Linking Aspects: 3 pts
This is complex and needs a thorough check.
If any SoulMate pair is linked through the same fate Object, add 3 points.

A’s Zeus quincunx B’s Saturn and A’s Saturn opp B’s HERA is a valid link.
A’s Pluto conj B’s Destinn and A’s Destinn trine B’s Persephone or B’s Proserpine is also valid.

Note: Dangerous Aspect that needs an astrologer’s opinion is negative
aspects to Nessus and Dejanira.
Male’s Nessus/Pluto/Mars squaring Female’s Dejanira even by 3 degrees is dangerous.
Other negative aspects are of Asteroid Swindle/Lie. Any guy with Neptune conjunct Swindle or Lie squaring the girl’s Dejanira has chances of taking her for a ride.
Standard negative aspects are Mars sq Mercury, Neptune sq Mercury and Saturn sq/opp Pluto
but these can be tackled with a higher overall score.


30+ is a very good starting point.


Source: http://www.tamsoft.co.in/soulmates.html 

4 thoughts on “A soulmate synastry calculation with asteroids

  1. tigressa says:

    Thank you for a really good line up of asteroids. However just one problem. It’s 2015 and you still think all Love relationships are only Male/Female? Many of us are gay, bisexual, etc. We are born this way and LOVE is Love. Just as powerful. Hard to imagine in this year when Marriage equality is finally becoming more common around the world that you don’t know this tho? If you changed the title it would truly include everyone.

    • moonshineflower says:

      Yeah I know, but I started this site like 9 years ago as a little side project, didn’t update much all the time, but did hear it more often though, so yeah now I changed it finally..:)

  2. Lisa says:

    I don’t think asteroids should be used like this. Sure, they’re fine for fine tuning synastry details, but they’re not powerful enough to denote twin flames or soul mates. I don’t see Pluto or Saturn as twin flame indicators, either, considering both planets are the karma police and twin flames don’t have karma to burn off since they’ve never lived a life together in this physical world before. Not like soul mates who are reincarnated together over many lifetimes to build and burn off karma together for good or bad. Cute attempt, but astrology cannot show you who your twin flame is. This calculator is misleading.

  3. Maktub says:

    In the Pluto aspect Persephone or Proserpine, Zeus aspect Hera, Eros aspect Psyche, etc is it 5 points each one? or 5 points all?

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