Ten other love asteroids

I don’t look as  much at asteroids conjunct each other. They do matter, to some degree, as does everything in the charts. However, the powerhouses are asteroids conjunct personal  parts of the chart. I define personal parts of a chart as any of the Angles–the Ascendent, IC, Descendent and MC. This would include the following planets, as well—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. I do use Saturn and Jupiter, too. However, they are not as vital to the soul mate relationship as the personal planets, in my opinion. All things count in a chart but one must weight them in order to get the most accurate results.


1.Valentine- (447)-– Valentine is the kind of sacrificial love  in which  the lover will throw himself in front of the bus to protect his beloved. It is not a sexual asteroid, per se. It is an asteroid of purelove. Valentine thinks of his beloved before himself.

One could say that is is an agape kind of love. God loved us first when we were not worthy of love, according to the Bible.  We did not deserve it. He gave it because He is love.  I did not mean to get off on agape love here but Valentine reminds me of this and hence, I think it will make a good point that you will remember.

2. Eros(433)-– With Eros, the lovers inspire erotic feelings in each other. Love is not the issue here. Erotic feelings are. There may or may not be love. That would be shown by other parts of the chart.

3. Vesta(4)-–Vesta is not  soul mate, per se. It could be in the charts of close friends or family members, as well as lovers. Vesta is sacrificial love, once again.However, it is not a throw yourself under the bus as much as a service kind of love. It is selfless service. Think of the woman who carries a baby as a surrogate mother for a woman who cannot have children. That would be an example of selfless service. When you see someone helping  another person out of a pure heart and little thought for themselves, that would be the embodiment of Vesta.

4.Ceres- (1)-Ceres is not a soul mate asteroid, per se. It can be found in the charts of close friends, family, as well as lovers. Ceres is the unconditional love of a mother for her child. Think of a breastfeeding mother and you will have a picture of Ceres. If I had to link Ceres to planets , it would be the love of Moon/Pluto.

Ceres is the mother who does not think of herself, but the needs of her beloved child. Watch your synastry. Ceres feels quite unique. I can tell when I have it in synastry with someone. I feel very free to just be myself because I feel I will be loved, no matter what.That is the essence of Ceres.

5.Pallas (2)—Pallas is not a soul mate asteroid, per se. Pallas is great wisdom as had the elders of the Indian tribes. Pallas in synastry will show that one partner brings a great deal of maturity and common sense  to the other. Love  is complex. It must have depth and soul to last. That is why I put non sexual asteroids as soul mate asteroids. Soul mates share heart love. That is what makes them so beautiful.

6. Apollo (1862)–Apollo is not a deep love. If one person’s chart touches the Apollo of another, the planet person will worship the Apollo person. The planet person will feel as if he found a true Greek god or goddess. This can be very lovely

7. Child (4580)—-I love the Child asteroid. I love Moon trine Moon. I love Moon conjunct Moon. If anyone asks me if they have a soul mate chart, I will go right to the moons. I will decide from the moons, only, in many cases. That is how much the Moons mean to me. I think one’s Moon is one’s soul. A soul to soul connection is what soul mates are all about.

The Child Asteroid is our inner child. When it touches a personal part of another person’s chart, one may feel as if he can act like a child again. Love is child to child. Hence, if you had to substitute an asteroid for a planet, I would substitute the Child asteroid for the Moon. Look and see what your Child asteroid touches in the chart of your beloved. Once you know how it feels, you will be able to pick this up with  other people, whether they be lovers of friends.

8. Lilith (1181)–-Lilith is raw sexuality, to me. There are several forms of Lilith. I use the asteroid Lilith. Raw sexuality is a glue which bonds soul mates. God made it for us and hence, it is important and not any lesser than the other asteroids. If one person’s Lilith touches a personal part of another person’s chart, both will feel it. Both will have a raw sexual attraction to each other.

9  Juno ( 3)--Juno is not a sexual asteroid, per se. It is the purest love of a devoted wife for her husband. If one sees couples who have been together for many years and they have that old familiar kind of devotion, that would personify Juno. Juno has the character to do what is right, even though one may want to do what is wrong.

Juno reflects the spouse who sticks through the hard times. Anyone can stay when the passion is high. Character is needed to endure the hard times. Endurance and fidelity reflect the lovely nature of Juno.

10. Alma (390)-   Alma means soul in Spanish. Alma would be like the Moon. When the Alma asteroid touches a personal planet of the other, there will be a depth of knowing the person, such as one finds with Moon aspects.

Source: http://mychristianpsychic.com/journal/soul-mate-asteroids/ 

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