Dark sexual relationship synastry top 5

1. Moon/Pluto does not have to be dark sexual but if any planetary aspect would be, it would be this. Moon conjunct Pluto is the strongest of the Moon/Pluto aspects because the conjunction trumps any other aspect in strength. Think sitting next to a roaring fire. In the conjunction, the planets are next to each other( or on top of each other in the exact conjunction).

Moon/Pluto as a conjunction is not dark , per se. It is very, very powerful. When/if that turns bad, it could become dark. However, Moon/Pluto in conjunction does not have to turn bad. It is a true soul mate aspect, to me. It is the passion of lovers and the pure, primal love of a mother for her baby. Powerful, you say? YES

Moon/Pluto in a trine is very powerful, too. It is not as intense as the conjunction but very intense, nonetheless. This is not a dark aspect, either.

Moon oppose Pluto and Moon square Pluto could tend to be dark because they are powerful and not with a harmonious flow. We are dealing with very primal emotions here and we all know what primal emotions and passions can do if a person is not careful. If you see Moon oppose or square Pluto, don’t play with the person. If you want to end it, be upfront and be kind. Playing with someone’s emotions when these aspects are involved could lead to bad things such as violence.

2. Mars/Pluto

Mars/Pluto is more primal in a pure sexual way than Moon/Pluto which is more emotional and much more emotionally bonded. You can have Mars/Pluto with a fling and not feel a thing in your emotions.We have the same kind of weighting with the conjunction, trine, opposition and square as we did above.

To summarize, I would say that Mars/Pluto could be passionate sex and passionate emotions but no soul.If a chart had no Moon aspects and Mars/Pluto aspects, I would say it would be a fling.

3. Now, we come to things that could really make the relationship dark. The first would be Nessus

Nessus is the abuser’s asteroid. I, always, have people want  to tell me that Nessus is not alwaysabuse. To me, it always is. The exception would be the person who overcame it through God. However, this person would have to play it out before he overcame it. If you see Nessus in synastry, make sure you know which side of the fence he is on. To be honest, few people overcome Nessus. It can be done but it is rare that someone reaches that level of spiritual mastery. I have seen it in a few people, only.

4. Another asteroid that is dark is Dejanira. Dejanira is the victim asteroid. People tell me the same thing they tell me with Nessus. “Not all people with a prominent Dejanira are victims” I disagree.I think they will be until they can truly overcome it with God. Many people say they have overcome things but I watch their actions and see they are lying. They are deceiving themselves, would be a better way to say it. The chart allows one to see oneself. That is why it is so powerful. That is why I don’t mince words. It is disrespect to Astrology which I love and respect.

To put it plainly, if you have a dominant Nessus, you will be an abuser. If you have a dominant Dejanira, you will be a victim. If you do not have either of these in the natal but have them in synastry, it will play out the same way. In other words, if a man’s Nessus conjuncts your ASC, he will abuse you, in my opinion. If a man’s Nessus conjuncts, your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or North Node, he will abuse you, in my opinion. If your Dejanira conjuncts his ASC, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus or NN, you will be his victim.

Before I leave this subject, I will add my theory. This is based on experience and charts, as are all my theories. I think the Nessus/Deja relationship in synastry is a re-play of childhood abuse. That is why it is so powerful. That is why it feels so life and death. It brings you back to the time when you were a child and truly powerless.

5. Uranus/Mars in synastry can be kinky. This is not dark sexual, per se. However, if you have Nessus/Dejanira and Mars/Uranus, particularly in hard aspect( opposition and square), it may make for dark spice, shall we say. the reason this is the case is that Mars is sexual drive( all drives actually). Uranus is kink, so you do the math.

Source: http://mychristianpsychic.com/journal/the-ten-most-dark-sexual-aspects-in-synastry/

6 thoughts on “Dark sexual relationship synastry top 5

  1. Lilith mc says:

    Hi Ami, what about woman’s dejanira conjuncting man’s ascendant,at the same time his dejanira?…strange thing.the man has dejanira conjunct ascendant natal.

    • moonshineflower says:

      It could mean that both parties can feel victimized in some way. Conjunct the ascendant it could mean that others perceive the person as some sort of victim or he has an outlook at the world of some sort of victim. The bonding can emphesize the feeling of victimhood according to this aspect, but other aspects are also important to look at, for example the moon placement, and chiron, because of feelings involved.

  2. Taylor says:

    Hi Ami,
    I have nessus conjunct ascendant in scorpio (2degree orb) and dejanira conjunct moon in aries (4degree orb) in 4th house natally
    both my parents were very abusive to me in childhood im guessing thats the dejanira playing out as it conjuncts my dads mars and the 4th house typically represents the mother (saturns also there aswell!)
    my dejanira also has a wide trine to jupiter (5degree) and a sextile to mercury (2degrees)
    my nessus is also conjunct pluto, square mars, sextile neptune/uranus, trine saturn (all within a 3degree orb) and an opposition to my sun (4degree orb)
    my question is am i the abused or the abuser? because to me my nessus is way more prominent than my dejanira but i feel like the abused not the abuser which i dont understand??
    i cannot see my nessus playing out anywhere because i was so abused i wouldnt dream of abusing anybody else, i also have an unaspected venus in taurus which i think adds to me feeling like a victim some of the time.
    how would you interpret my nessus ami? does nessus have anything to do with sexuality i always feel like people over sexualise me and with nessus on my ascendant could it be why?
    sorry for the long message im just recently discovering my interest in asteroids haha
    any info would be appreciated x

  3. Chloe says:

    Hello! What does it mean when one’s Nessus opposes her Moon (3 degrees) & Square to her Saturn (1 degree) (my chart is Saturnian, ergo, it’s a big deal to me)?
    What does it mean when one’s Dejanira is also sextile her Moon (2 degrees) & conjunct Uranus (4 degrees)?

    I’ve literally spent the better part of the day obsessing over this.


  4. Laura says:

    Hello and thank you for a great article. I just wanted to ask, what does Nessus conjunct Dejanira (in Libra) mean in synastry? Thank you in advance

  5. MANJUKA says:

    Okay. So what if 2 people have in synastry
    His Nessus conjunct her Dejanira 0 degree. (On Nessus person’s asc.)
    His Uranus Conj Her Mars 0 Degree?

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