Dark sexual asteroids

You know you like the dark asteroids. Do you admit it? No. They are guilty pleasures .Your wish is my command. Onto the Dark Asteroids.

1. Nessus (7066)-– you know I am going to start with Nessus. Nessus is abuse. We all have one. However, it is not prominent in every natal chart.I believe a prominent Nessus in a natal chart will be an abusive person. People have written to me and said that they had a prominent Nessus and werenot abusive. I am not saying that they lied. I just believe the chart over personal  accounts

God is the only force which is stronger than the charts.

If you do not have  a prominent Nessus in the natal,  Nessus can be activated by synastry. In other words, when one person’s Nessus touches another person’s chart, the Nessus person will want to abuse the other person. People ask me if the person has to abuse. I say no because I cannot say yes, for sure. However, I think it will be a yes unless the Nessus person has a true conversion with God. This is very rare, so my answer remains yes.

2. Dejanira- (157)– Dejanira is the victim asteroid. Dejanira is not dark, per se. However, when she touches a  part of the other person’s chart, she can become dark. Let me give a recent example. I wrote about it someplace else. However, it is illustrative of this point and worth repeating.

One of my website readers had Sado conjunct his Sun. He liked Sado/Macho relationships. He wanted to marry a woman with Dejanira conjunct the North Node. She will have to learn the lessons of victim hood. This is through no fault of her own. We don’t choose our charts. If we did, no one would choose this. However, we live out our charts. Hence, she was the perfect partner for him.

He may have been the perfect partner for her, too. This earth is not what we want it to be. It is what it is. The charts show us life on this earth. To deny that, is to live in unreality. To live in unreality is to be mentally ill. I grew up in a house where your reality was denied right in front of your eyes.That is why I strive so hard for absolute honesty.

In my opinion, Dejanira is an even harder asteroid to have than Nessus in the natal chart. It is easier on a person to be an abuser than a victim. Hence, my heart goes out to any person with a prominent Dejanira. By this, I mean Dejanira conjunct any personal part of the chart.

3. Sado  (118230)–  Sado is a recent addition to my asteroid list. Sado is just what it says. It is the trait of being sadistic. Strangely enough, the people with Sado conjunct the Sun admit it. I do not find this with many asteroids. People are reluctant to admit their faults. We all are. However, one must face oneself to change. As Jung said, “The Unexamined life is not worth living” I have Jung conjunct my Sun, exact. Also, I have seen too many people live fake lives. There is no  purpose to it. Each person was made as a gift to God. You were made as  a special package. You were made to unwrap that package, not paper over it like putting perfume on a swamp. We all have a swamp inside us, too. We all have the best and worst of humanity in us. The charts will help you open up your unique package. That is why I love them so much.

4. Bacchus (2063)–Bacchus like to have a good time, to the max.Bacchus is the asteroid of excess in all worldly pleasures. To put it in a word, if Bacchus wants a sexual encounter, he wants an orgy. If he wants a good meal, he wants to eat the entire table. I have seen Bacchus conjunct the North Node in a person with serious appetites,  shall we say. If your man has a prominent Bacchus, know what you are getting in for.

5. Casanova  ( 7328)--I discussed Casanova in his own article. He is not dark, per se. However, he is a smooth talker. We, women, fall for the gift of gab like nothing else, especially when it is aboutour beauty and charms. Casanova knows exactly what to say to get even the most genteel woman into his arma( and more) Hence, his tongue is a potent weapon to which most women cannot  resist. I put Casanova here, so you can check him out in the chart of that guy who seems out of this world in love with you. It may just be that he is a master of seduction.

6. Proserpina   (26)-– Proserpina shows up in the charts of people who had a very  traumatic rite of passage from teen to adulthood. I have seen  a  case in which family secret opened up  at the time of this man’s rite of passage. He was not the actual son of the father. I think that sexual abuse may be present in a prominent Proserpina,too.

This is a movie version but if you watched the Sopranos, Paulie found out that his mother was not really his mother. His aunt was his biological mother and she was a nun in Italy. This is a movie version of Proserpina. However, truth can be stronger than fiction and these kind of things happen and more often than you may imagine. This example will help you remember the nature of Proserpina and that is my goal.

7.Nemesis  ( 128)– Nemesis is  very telling. I was thinking about it this morning. Do you know when you have the feeling that a person is your enemy but you doubt yourself? The person may be a friend, family member or lover? You feel like they are not on your side. You think you must be imagining it. Often, you are not.

The asteroid Nemesis shows an enemy. If a person’s Nemesis touches your chart in synastry, I would watch out. The charts will play out. I have never seen a chart  not play out. I think it is hubris for a man to think he can overcome the chart. Only God can, as I, often, say.

8. Lust (4386)  Lust is not dark, per se. It describes a slice of sexuality. However, if  lust is all two people have,  it does not bode well for a  lasting relationship. If your synastry is Lust dominant with few soul mate aspects, know that you will, most likely, have a fling.

.Nymphe(875)  Nymphe is what the common use of the word suggests. It is a person with sex on his mind. If the synastry is Nymphe dominant, don’t expect a trip to meet his parents with you dressed in a sweater set, pumps and pearls.

10. Prey(6157) Prey is what it seems. I have seen it play out in synastry in just the same way that the word suggests. You may feel like you are the prey of another. If so, check your synastry and you very well may be. Astrology can help you avert a disaster.

Source: http://mychristianpsychic.com/journal/asked-ten-darkest-asteroids-synastry/

11 thoughts on “Dark sexual asteroids

  1. sonia says:

    What about his Bacchus conj/ my sun and merc by 0 degree?

    • moonshineflower says:

      Its a hedonistic asteroid, so if supported by other aspects it can mean that someone likes to indulge with pleasures with this person. It can also relate to a liking communication with this person because of the mercury involved.

  2. rebecca says:

    would the astreoid prey transiting your natal chiron make you more susceptible to wounds? I have chiron in the 7th house natally and my relationship has been very rocky.

    • moonshineflower says:

      It could mean that there is an emphasis on pain, if its in the 7th house it can relate to pain caused in 1 on 1 relationships, not always the partner, but also other contacts that you have 1 on 1. But chiron can also be the wounded healer, so in the end these people with an emphasis on chiron can heal others in relationships or can heal their own relationships. It really depends on other aspects too.

  3. G says:

    It is very, very difficult to read white on black.

  4. Janne says:

    Proserpina and Nemesis at 3 and 4 Virgo, 26 minutes apart, opposing Saturn, my ruler, which just happens to be on my IC. Yeah, this rings a bell or two. I never had a single date as a teenager, nor did I dare to even talk to a girl. All the virgins categorically hated me and made it very clear that I was the last guy anybody would ever be with, nobody would ever love me and I should go kill myself. Not a day went by without me wishing I were dead. My dating history started at 25 and it’s been a series of unfortunate events. I’m still afraid of women, I have trouble approaching them, I expect the worst and the worst always happens.

    Dejanira and Juno conjunct at 0 and 2 Capricorn, a few degrees off my Sun. My lovelife is a Greek tragedy. Yeah, these trine the Proserpina/Nemesis and sextile Saturn at 1 Pisces.

    Nessus conjuncts Kronos in early Gem, on my 8th hs cusp, squaring Saturn, my ruler. How’s that for tragedy? Oh, these produce a T-square with Proserpina/Nemesis, as you probably noticed. More tragedy, anybody?

    Somebody please shoot me.

  5. saramadeline says:

    I have dejanira, moon and child asteroid all conjuct in the 9th house in taurus.
    I have sedna in taurus too but in my 8th house, opposing my pluto.
    I have my true node in aries squaring exactly my proserpina in libra.
    I have my chiron conjunct to my venus and my Midheaven in 10th house.
    Any thoughts?

  6. eleonora says:

    i think my mars is very afflicted, its the ruler of my seventh house(aries), its in virgo in the 11th house conjunct (almost exact) nemesis, both squaring algol (in the 8th) and pluto (in the second). please, i need to know, is the relationship/marriage situation, and everything else, as bad as it seems?

  7. Jessica says:

    I have Proserpina within 2 degrees of my natal mercury, thoughts?

  8. Nadine Edsall says:

    Hi , I just want to add my experience. I started dating a friend of 6 months or so. Well 2 weeks in he flew across his driverseat and attacked me with open flying hands..I hit him back in defense. He stopped bewildered. I had never before in my life had a man do this to me. He claimed to never have done this either, I’m somewhat believing, however the point is his Nessus was 22 Taurus conjunct my 23° Moon in Taurus.

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