023. Fantasy and Dirty Talking according to the starsigns

Without looking to much at scientifical prove of astrology, it does give a lot of inspiration and ideas to experience something new. This part of the blog is about fantasy, sexual fantays and dirty talking. Why dirty talking? Not every starsign likes dirty talking, because it is most of the time a thing for airsigns like gemini, libra and aquarius, and to some extent virgo, because it is led by mercury. However all signs do have certain fantasies. If you play into this fantasy it can become some form of erotic talking. In a certain way every sign needs some form of communication, perhaps non verbal. What you say has to fit to how you act, your appearance, what you do, what you think, feel and how you fantasize. It is one whole. To succeed in a played out fantasy you thus have to feel no shame and you have to dare, unless you go for the genre “modest, inexperienced” or “submissive”. But the most pleasure you’ll get if you can let yourself go in the moment, because if you are really at fear or stressed out, your muscles become so tense you can not enjoy the experience. Then its rather an act of trauma than a role play. Role play can be an aspect of broadening your horizon, especially when you can really feel and believe your character. Then you can really undergo the experience you want to feel.

As anyone who’s tried it before knows, talking dirty is an art unto itself. The power of words in the bedroom cannot be overstated – they can titillate, tease and even intensify climax when properly delivered (not to mention a whole host of other boudoir benefits!).

Still, for some reason, the mere mention of sex-talk often makes shy types blush. Even the most amorously adventurous can find it difficult or embarrassing to get verbally down and dirty. Well, no more! There is no better way to give or get satisfaction than by voicing your desires… whatever they may be, and however you choose to express them. And, if you’re looking for the specific ways to turn your lover on with language, you don’t need to look any further – just look up (to the stars!).

Whether you lean toward the lascivious (where no naughty word is off limits) or stick to the slightly sultry (where implication alone fans the flames), get ready to empower your sexual Shakespeare with this guide to talking dirty – by sign!

Every sign has their favorite sexual fantasy… that daydream setting for love or lust that plays out in your head as the ultimate sensual high. Exotic settings, chance encounters, sex with former or famous lovers, role playing or just watching are some of the more common fantasy scenarios for sex, by astrological sign. Read a lover your fantasy (and their own!) to give you plenty of insight into what makes your sun sign sigh!

Want a hands-on celestial guide to your lover’s hot spots? Finding out where their astrological pleasure zone is could lead to some very sexy and unexpected outcomes.

Whisper kiss the small of your Leo love’s back to send thrills down their spine. Or, drive your Aries partner mad with a soft windy breath in one ear. Heighten a Pisces pleasure with little wet love bites between their toes. And that’s just for starters! Learn all you need to know for some super satisfying sexploration by sign.

Fire Signs
On the other hand, animalistic is the order of the day for fierce Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – and seducing a Fire Sign (or attaining maximum sexual pleasure if you are one) comes from a sense of adventure… perhaps even aggression. If Earth Signs like athletic sex, Fire Signs like an actual conquest. They want to win at everything – and sex is no different. As such, imploring the techniques of triumph are the way to a Fire Sign’s heart – and orgasm!

What does this mean? If you want to play with fire (whatever your side of the game), two positions will produce sure-fire sparks: “doggy style” (especially for men) and “woman on top” (especially for women). Think about it – the key with Fire Signs is putting them in a power position. Whether it’s to be on display (Leo women may be particularly fond of getting in the saddle), to watch yourself dominate (Aries men are especially fond of taking their mates from behind), or to be dominated so you can get a taste of the other side (Sagittarius, afterall, is the zodiac’s adventurer), some combination of these two postures will be sure to keep the embers burning.

Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are sensual lovers, this much is true. If anyone is going to get down and dirty, rooted in the moment with no awareness of any time other than the one they’re in during sex, it’s these earthy individuals. As such, they tend to enjoy athletic sex, and anything that keeps them fully engaged is sure to make their toes tingle.

So, if you’re an Earth Sign (or you’re doing the deed with one), try having sex standing up. Whether with one partner up against a wall (legs wrapped around their lovers waist) or – more challenging, but potentially more rewarding – inverted with the straddling partner bent backward, hands on the ground, the athleticism will be sure to engage your Earth Sign. And the bonus is that the unique angle will be sure to give both partners an unforgettable sensual experience!

Air Signs
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are some of the most fickle lovers in the zodiac. That doesn’t mean they stray – in fact, when they’re in love they’re as committed as almost any other mate (and those who are more committed can border on co-dependent, so if you’re with an Air Sign, count your blessings!). However, a healthy dose of fantasy does go a long way with these heady types. Now this doesn’t mean they want to be with anyone other than the lover they’re with, it simply means that positions which invite the use of a little imagination (to whatever end) are sure to get them off!

So, if you’re an Air Sign (or want to please one), give “reverse cowgirl” or the “sit down” position a go. Both of these require one partner to be on top of the other, facing in the opposite direction – so the bottom partner gets a view from behind. “Sit down” (wherein the passive partner lays back, legs up bicycle style), is a bit more acrobatic. Hence, flexible types may be in for a treat! Both positions offer unique stimulation for each partner and invite a little adventure without intense eye to eye contact. Maybe not ideal for those sessions when you’re wanting to connect, but a great time when the lover on top wants to feel but not see and the bottom person wants a show!
Water Signs
If any element is known for deep sexual intensity, it’s the Water Signs. Everyone knows Scorpio is a sexual stinger, but the same is true of Pisces (who can get lost in their lovers) and Cancer (who seeks out partners that will crack their shells). What these watery ones have in common is a desire for emotional connection via sexual pleasure. Water Signs want to plumb the depths in the bedroom – and beyond.

As such, if you’re aiming to seduce a Water Sign (or looking for a new way to satisfy yourself as a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio), then “Coital Alignment Technique” is for you. The main focus here is maximum stimulation for both partners – inside and out where experts claim simultaneous orgasm is more likely with this position than any other. Just remember, intense experience is the key for Water Signs.

To give CAT a try, start with missionary position, but allow the top partner to put all their weight into their pelvis. The bottom partner should wrap their legs around the top, ankles resting on their calves. Bored with the basics? Try “Starfish,” where both partners lie back with heads in opposite directions, legs in scissor position, for a similar effect.


Your lustful energy just won’t give up until you put in a booty call. But somehow wires are crossed and to your surprise you answer the door to find your fav pinup sports star at your doorstep, six-pack abs and all, challenging you to a love match. Just like you, your celebrity lover isn’t into bells and whistles, preferring to wham and bam around the house testing your agility with outrageous positions and numerous speeding orgasms. When you’re hungry and almost tired, a helicopter lands on your roof to whisk you into the air where you get extra points for making it in the sky.

Aries is simple when it comes to sex. They want to rule their partners. They want to dominate. And when it comes to talking dirty, that’s exactly how to play things with the Ram. Four letter words are a-okay, so long as they’re describing what your Aries can do to you. No need to be faint-hearted here. As with all things in life, the motto for the Ram is bring it on. (Sample: “Four letter word me… I love the way you four letter word me… I can’t stop thinking of how hot it is when you grab me and throw me down and… well… four letter word me.” Yes, the four letter word here starts with an “f” and yes, you get the point.)

Face and head; With impulsive sensuality, play with your Aries’ hair, caress their face, graze their lips with yours, massage their head in your hands and blow warm kisses into their ears. There’s no end to the head on possibilities with your ram.

As they are experimenters by nature – Rams will do whatever it takes to find pleasure – doing it outside with your Aries will be but one of many sexual adventures you’re likely to experience. Hence, as with Scorpio, there are few limits to what they’ll enjoy. Try something that emphasizes this animal’s athleticism – climb a mountain (or try a local hiking trail), and find a spot at (or near) the top. Go water-skiing or swimming, or engage in any water sport – and dive off into the distance for an underwater romp. Stay late after your softball game, and do it in the dugout – or on the sidelines. Make action a part of satisfaction, and Aries is bound to be intrigued!


As a loving, sensual Taurus, you fantasize about a little role playing that helps slow down the action of foreplay into more play. As a flirty, seductive gigolo or a beautiful coy geisha you keep your focus on your love object, touching and soothing them into lust, until you’re ready to raise the sexual bar for some tantalizing action. Your partner, in return, offers you a professional caliber strip tease after which you and your love melt into each other’s burning desire. For hours afterwards, you fan the embers of your union with adoring tender talk, entangled and wrapped in a full body embrace.

It is in the details for Taurus, who sees sex as a respite from other, more tedious endeavors – and will do anything to prolong it. This is great news for the verbally inclined, since even the finest print (or most vivid description) is not lost on the bull. Rather, it enhances their experience. In fact, Taurus wants you to get down and dirty – or rather, earthy, since the catch is not to delve into the fantastical. These grounded types want you to keep it real, even here. So stick to play by plays – detailed descriptions of the things your bull can do to you (with a special focus on the use of their tongue) – and you can’t miss. (Sample: “I’m thinking about you running your tongue up my thigh and…” you take it from there.)

Neck and throat; Take a flirty approach to kissing a Taurus around their neck from back to front. Rub their earlobes and cup your hand around the back or your partner’s neck as you draw them close for long deep kisses.

Taurus loves three things like no others: food, nature and sex. To satisfy all the outdoor appetites of this simple-to-seduce Earth Sign, pack a picnic and hit the park – or plan a camping weekend! Pick a spot that’s sufficiently secluded, so as not to be bothered, and then cook over an open fire. For dessert, lay a blanket down with an unobstructed view of the stars, and feed your bull s’mores by hand. Taurus will feel even more grounded than usual out in the open – and, given the chance (and with the coast clear) – they’ll make the earth move under your feet – or maybe your back.


You are holding court with poets and musicians, exotic dancers and circus performers, exploring the depths of your intellect. Your speak to an audience about love, rituals and sensuality. Immediately you are surrounded by an even larger crowd of admirers. When you conclude the crowd begins to entertain you. You are massaged, and fanned, hand fed, offered libation and serenaded. As the party dies down a curtain drops around you and the one you have most admired from your entourage. Your every sensual need and changing mood is quenched as you lie back in ecstasy.

Heady Gemini, on the other hand is the zodiac’s game player… and fantasizer. In fact, the more impractical – and improbable – the implication is, the better. To get the Twins really riled up, find the least opportune time (the middle of a business dinner, in line at the airport – the less sexual the situation is, the better) and fill their heads with a fantasy of doing it right there. When you whisper your erotic interlude expect your Gemini’s eyes to light up – and your next session to be downright wild. PS: The Twins can handle your bedroom persona differing from your standard self – don’t stress about coming off forward if you’re actually demure, or vice versa. (Sample: “Take me into that closet, throw me up against the door and four letter word, four letter word, four letter word… But you’ll have to cover my mouth when I scream so no one out here will catch us!”)

Hands, arms, shoulders; Playfully tease them with sensual foreplay, kissing their hands and stroking their fingers. Then gently run your fingers along the inside of their arm, making a pit stop for a lick or a nibble. Then, wrap their arms around you placing their hands at your pleasure.

Whether it’s keeping them mentally intrigued or physically stimulated, Geminis can be work – the twins need constant stimulation. The solution? Cool these hot-blooded Air Signs down with an outdoor shower or waterfall. Don’t have either handy? Then fill up a kid’s pool, or get out the hose and set it on “spray.” The dual action of your ingenuity and the fun will stimulate their minds – though stimulating the body is up to you! For an added bonus, talk your way through each move you make, without breaking eye contact. They’ll be discussing your outdoor romp during the (many more) hot nights that lie ahead!


You have heard that a lover from your past has fallen on hard times. You get into your magic sailboat and the wind takes you to their side. You heal them with love and affection awakening the lust they once had for you as well as the gifts of great relentless pleasure they once offered you. You ask for nothing and yet they knowingly satisfy every crevasse of your being. You leave transformed, renewed and refreshed… tears of joy fall as you shudder knowing that the one you have rescued will lovingly ravish you for all of eternity.

Sensitive Cancer likes to be doted on, and anyone spinning a sexy story for the crab should keep that in mind. More important, however, is not to confuse sensitivity with timidity. These artful souls can conjure the most sordid details (sexually speaking) and they like it when their lovers step up to the plate here as well (or stoop down to it, depending on your perspective). As such, colorful descriptions (the word pink comes to mind… it describes so many body parts, no matter your skin shade!), will go a long way – particularly by phone. If pushing it makes you nervous, ask for approval along the way. Odds are, you’ll get it. (Sample: “Do you like it when I trail my fingers and lips lightly down your stomach to your throbbing… fill in the blank for yourself.”)

Chest or breasts; With a sense of playful admiration, massage your Cancer lover’s chest with gentle strokes. Then cover their most sensuous areas with warm wet kisses, long licks and warm deep breaths. They’ll be willing, if you are, to play like this for hours.

These sensitive Water Signs can be some of the zodiac’s very best lovers, but they can be shy – or slow to cave in to seduction when it goes beyond their comfort zones. They do, however, love the ocean, and all it has to offer. If sex on the beach (or in the ocean – where it’s easier to hide what’s really going on beneath the waves) isn’t in the cards for you and your crab, get them going once you get home from a day of sand and surf. With your skin tanned and salty, you might entice your Cancer into a little clandestine action on the patio – or in a secluded spot in the backyard.


You wake up on an island of great enchantment where you are covered with bejeweled robes, admired and worshipped by all. You have your choice of sexual conquests as one by one, you are courted and entertained until you challenge your favorite mates to a full romp in your quarters. Only those who are willing to enjoy love with enthusiasm and great gusto will enter the final challenge in your private den of love. Once there, you allow nature to take its course. The suitor who wins the coveted place at your side will be the one who sighs in satisfaction in tandem with you, and believes that in the glory of your lovemaking, once is simply not enough.

Leo wants you to worship at their altar. During sex, in the lead up, when you’re sitting at Sunday lunch. It doesn’t matter when… so long as it’s often. Tell a Lion how much they turn you on – any time with any amount of detail – and you’ll score points… as long as your lascivious language is flattering. In other words, use your turn of phrase to make a male Leo feel like a big strong man or a lioness like a gorgeous, glowing goddess and you’ve got it made. (Sample: “Oh my god, look at your… insert amazing attribute or generous endowment here… I have to four letter word you until I four letter word all over your four letter word… Oh, and a special note, wide-eyed sincerity does wonders.”)

Back; Massage your Leo’s ego as you work your way around their back. Rub it, scratch it gently, massage it. Start with those sensitive touches before moving on to kisses, licks and lip bites that linger then climax at the very sensitive small of their back.

Spotlight-loving Leo makes for the perfect open-air lover, particularly if taken by surprise and seduced! Why? Because it makes them feel special . . . and daring! As a result, just about any secluded outdoor location can be magically transformed into a perfect lion hotspot – but these luscious cats do like sunning themselves. In other words, drive somewhere scenic (the specifics depend on your locale) and then hop on the hood or lift the hatchback to shower your Leo with all the adoration and rays they deserve! Bonus points if you get a digital snapshot for your memory book.


Your lover appears at your door with gifts of delectable appetizers and expensive champagne, a car and driver await. Your lover takes a diamond encrusted watch from their pocket and fastens it on your wrist. An envelope is set in front of you, with a theatre playbill inside. You will be taken to a playhouse where a group of actors will make love in three acts. When you arrive at the theatre, you will check off the acts you want to see. When the actors have taken their final bows, your lover whisks you into an elevator to a spectacularly appointed penthouse made perfectly for your own role play!

Virginal games are not for Virgo. And nor is squeaky-clean sex talk. In fact, the precision loving Virgin can talk (and play!) a good game themselves, and you’ll want to be sure to keep up, lest you be judged! Salacious is the name of the game here, with elaborate coming in a close second. Involved descriptions of intricate lingerie (things that lace up – or tie up – come to mind) and details of how you’ll take it off for them, will be sure to get their wheels spinning – whether it’s as a lead-up to a night of passion or in the moment as you do the deed. You’ll get bonus points for the ability to combine naughty and nice. (Sample: “As I tie your wrists to the bed with the soft, smooth silk rope, your skin tingles, you like the sensation… even as the rope tightens…”)

Stomach;Stroke their mind with words of romantic foreplay as you stroke their stomach area lightly with your hair and fingertips. Then give them little nibbles at their sides and long licks and kisses around their belly button as their pleasure elevates to ecstasy.

Ah, the details . . . Virgo is bound to be mired in them. Their bedrooms are havens of sin and perfection (these tastemakers take lovemaking to the level of high art – just check out that secret chest next to their beds). After all, a good Virgin is always prepared. So look for an out-of-the-ordinary locale with extraordinary aesthetic appeal. Does the Grand Canyon at sunset seem a little bit out of the way? Don’t worry – perhaps a rooftop with a view, or a private deck where you won’t be seen will serve your purpose. Take your Virgo somewhere quiet with just a hint of potential for being found out – and you’ll uncover a whole new meaning in the phrase “like a virgin.” Take the submissive role, and you’ll be particularly pleased!


Whether the scene is set at a chic Hollywood party, or a courtly event in a French castle centuries ago, the cast of characters in this fantasy are all beautiful, intelligent, fun loving and sensually flirty. Sexy scenarios abound as couples and groups begin to melt into the most elegant of lovemaking around you. You eye the partners of your choice as they mentally agree to come together to pleasure you slowly. Of course everything is secretly filmed, so you can enjoy it all again and again.

While unpredictable when it comes to fidelity (who wouldn’t be with so many options!), Libra is actually a consummate romantic, complete with fairytale wishes and idealistic sexual fantasies. Keeping this in mind, dirty talk here may lean a bit more flowery than scandalous. This isn’t because Libra is a prude, however – in fact, quite the opposite – rather it’s because sex-talk may strike these refined types as seedy. Still, who doesn’t like a little encouragement? Which may be the apropos way to verbally engage your balanced one’s sexy side. Encourage your Libran by expressing what delights you. Keep it simple and sweet, knowing that implication is everything. (Sample: “It feels so amazing when you… oh yeah… just like that.”)

Bottom; With a touch of drama and affection, turn your Libra onto their stomach and brush your body and intimate parts along their lower back. Gently caress their bottom with gentle strokes, pats and a trail of tongue flicks. Hold a cheek in your hand as the lovemaking moves on.

It’s no secret that Libra loves luxury, but don’t mistake that for opposition to an outdoor encounter. Whether in your backyard or under the cover of one of the swankiest poolside cabanas you can swing, get these smooth operators waterside (maybe by hot tub – or the hot springs) with a glass of champagne in hand, and go for something seemingly secret. Bathing suit bottoms were made to be moved to the side, after all, and lap-sitting can always appear innocent. Hint: have a luxe towel handy – one large enough to wrap around the two of you… and luscious Libra is bound to move in for seconds.


You are in a deep, dark woods, covered in a hooded cape, and the one who lusts for you stands in the moonlit clearing all but naked, having eagerly followed your every direction to the meeting place for your tryst. You lead your lover back into an underground cave where an upholstered black leather bed is warmed by the dim light from the tall flickering candles. You remove only your cape. Still dressed, you cover your love with foreplay for hours, until they beg you for completion.

Conversely, Scorpio knows no bounds sexually – or sexually speaking. If there is a sign that can handle a string of four letter words intermingled with hard, wet, pierced, plunged, sucked and spanked, it’s this stinger. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The catch is, unlike Gemini, Virgo or Pisces (other signs who are particularly given to talking dirty), there’s no need for elaborate scenarios here. Just get to the point. Scorpio wants to be all consumed by sex, as if their entire identity begins from the moment foreplay is initiated, which is very often when one of you starts this conversation. That said, keep in mind that no time is inappropriate for sex talk here. After all, for this sign, a seduction is always in progress. (Sample: “I thought of you when I came home last night, hovering over me with that smile and your… insert four letter word” frenzy with aforementioned intermingling.)

Sex organs; With an erotic and inquisitive attitude, slowly pet the inner thighs working your way to your Scorpion’s most sensitive areas with a light flickering of the tongue. Brush your erogenous zones against theirs remembering their inner thighs are the area around the upper pubic bone.

Odds are there are very few locations you could suggest that would turn sexual siren Scorpio off – or scare them away. It makes sense that a secluded little stretch of beach is always a bountiful proposition – especially if you can find a nice place under a rock for this water creature. Pack a big blanket to widen the playing field on the sand. On the other hand, if your Scorpio is a bit more metropolitan, they may be down for a quick ride on a park bench in the wee hours – or a visit to the cemetery. (Yes, they can be this dark!) How about a romp in the back seat of a black limo? The slinkier, saucier and – perhaps, even seedier – the more seductive it will be to these stingers whether it takes place outdoors or not!


At a jazz club, a lecture, or a poetry reading you eye the person who is center stage. You concentrate on them imagining a romance and they feel your vibe. A nod and a wink pass between you and they slip you a note that says “Ten minutes… back door. Till then.” When they exit the building, you run past them. They chase you fervently. When caught you are kissed, pulled into the shadows of a building and the deed is quickly done. You walk back to their hotel, playfully stopping to hug and lock lips along the way, where champagne, a hot tandem shower and a full night of love await.

Strong-willed Sagittarius takes sex seriously – as a physical act as well as a philosophical one, so for them, talking dirty is a combination of those two pleasures. As such, The Archer responds well to a delicate hand – or moreover, a truly artistic one when it comes to lusty lingo. Romantic ramblings that mix pleasure and adventure (with a healthy dose of longing thrown in) will hit the spot with Sag – and bring out their more adoring side. For an added thrill, switch roles mid-way through pleasuring your Archer and ask them to do the talking. Catching them in the height of arousal means they’ll likely be happy to oblige and surprise you. (Sample: “I want to bring you pleasure like you’ve never known… Does it feel good when I…”)

Thighs; Rest your head in the warmth of your archer’s inner thighs. Then with a sense of fun and teasing, massage the hips and thighs with warm oil, remembering to pleasurably stroke the inside of the thighs to light this fiery sign’s senses to their utmost pleasure.

The symbol for Sag is half-man, and half-beast. So if you’re going to get it on with the archer in the great outdoors, you might as well head out into the wild. Blaze a hiking trail, and step off the beaten path for a sexy session in a field or under the trees. Make Sag catch you, and they’ll be even more excited once they do . . . If the area is safe and secure with even a modicum of privacy, consider leaving a trail of clothes en route to your spot, then let Sag throw you down and ravage you – or do the reverse. Anything goes, under the sun!


The setting is an elegant old house full of divine antiques and there are servants everywhere. Your much older mate seems to be on a business trip, so you have made up a list of dream lovers, including a particularly attractive postal carrier, a caterer and a divine blue-eyed person you keep locking eyes with at the tennis club. In your fantasy, opportunity knocks and knocks all in one day, as your lovers mysteriously file in and out of your luxurious bedroom for a turn at your unbridled passions, without any of the help or your mate ever being the wiser.

Capricorn is business minded and risk-averse, so safety is the word to remember here. And not as in S&M safe words, either! Rather, the key to unleashing a Capricorn’s saucier side (which is libidinous to say the least) is making the Goat feel understood. As such, sex-talk should focus on them. Only your Capricorn can make you feel this kind of longing and lust… and as long as they know that, the world is your sexual oyster. (Sample: “Oh wow, I’ve never felt anything like the way you do/your… fill in the blank with your Cap’s special skill or astounding asset.”)

Knees; The shortcut to a goat’s pleasure is to kiss them gently, lovingly behind their knees. Run your hands along their sensitive lower back, working your way down the back of their legs, or run a length of kisses from their navel to their kneecaps. Cup one hand behind a knee as you kiss.

A practical-yet-magical sign known as the goat, Capricorns are patient, hardworking lovers with a soft spot for ocean breezes who like to take their time. This is yet another sign who will enjoy some beachside bonhomie of the sexual kind! But if you’re looking for something a little different – or closer to home – select a space where privacy is no concern. A corner of your own backyard, for instance, or a hammock for two or comfy outdoor chaise will offer Capricorn a chance to savor the moments. Do your lover a favor: take control (for a little while, at least) and lavish them with plenty of attention. They’re often the givers, but they also love to receive!


You are faced with a treasure trove of trashy lingerie with a yoga instructor or guru on a weekend ashram retreat. Or is it a low key spa overlooking watery bliss? In this imaginative mix of pleasure and spirituality, Aquarius spends their day being taken by surprise by a fun loving teacher. Physical pleasures take over while the two of you do yoga by the pool. An impromptu display of affection while being massaged produces a happy ending. You sneak off together after evening meditation with a pot of chai tea to hold tantric poses throughout the night. When the weekend ends, you smile and say goodbye waving the peace sign with a promise to meet up the same time next year.

Seductive but soothing words will go a long way with Aquarius, who is constantly looking to combine the pleasures of mind and body for an otherworldly experience. To get there, take your Water Bearer on an erotic expedition with your imagination. Describe (on the phone, via email or in person as you tantalize and tease) the ways in which physical ecstasy can overcome their being, sending them to new heights – or depths (Aquarius is not kink-averse!), and you’ll have them hooked. Special tip: describe an orgasm from the first sensation and watch them float away, awash in your glow. (Sample: “It’s the tiniest feeling at first… like an electric current has been turned on through you, but as your breath quickens and you get wetter/harder…” You can take it from there.)

Calves and ankles; Using your imagination for your most creative foreplay, kiss their legs from knees to ankles. Cup your hands around each leg, one at a time, and massage the area from top to bottom rubbing up and down in long sensuous strokes. When entwined, wrap your legs around theirs for complete satisfaction.

Air Sign Aquarius is eccentric above all else – and often ethereal, too. Take them to a spot that offers novelty or intellectual stimulation. This “out there” sign loves lots of stars and twinkling planets. So consider sneaking a quickie in the outdoor gardens of a museum or maze at night. To send them over the top, try a round in the back of a horsedrawn carriage – of the type you see in some cities and parks. Tip: the stranger the location (and the more skill it takes to pull off having some sort of sex), the stronger the draw will be for these innovators.


You and your lover are at a museum in a far away land where a collection of erotic paintings, statues and other sensual art moves you to a state of heightened sensuality. Practically drooling with desire, you do nothing about your feelings. Instead, you enjoy drinks at a nearby private club where the most astoundingly beautiful dancers are the entertainment. You have plans to meet up with friends at their hotel for a nightcap. Once inside their room, you excuse yourselves and quickly shut the bedroom door, as they enjoy a bottle of champagne and the restrained, hushed sounds of your lust.

Playful Pisces is ruled by imaginative Neptune, which means that talking dirty is part and parcel of sex for this sign. No adventure is too outrageous, no description taking it too far, so long as you remember Pisces’ sensitive spirit. In other words, Pisces (like Capricorn and Cancer) needs to feel safe and cared for with their lover. Once that’s accomplished, the fish can skip from the lightest of play to dirtiest depths. Versatility is one of their strong suits. To start off safe but strong, ask your Pisces how they’d feel about indulging a little imagination… like if you were to strip them of their clothes and start at their toes, guided only by their breath and sounds… since you’re the only one allowed to speak. (Sample: “Touch me that way… you make me melt when you… fill in the blank.”).

Feet; Arouse your Pisces easily with a bit of theatrics as you work on your partner’s feet. Massage them, kiss them from toes to ankles, suck them and cover them with love bites. Or, use a light touch or a feather to tickle their toes into a frenzy. Run your own feet over their body sensually for some oh’s and ah’s.

Okay, wait for it . . . the sign of the fishes likes to make love near the water. Ocean, river, pool – it doesn’t really matter. Pisces will be hot and bothered at the prospect of getting wet and wild! That said, if you want to make it interesting, why not do it on the water instead of in the water? Try getting into a boat! You might even hazard it on a rowboat – just be careful to rock gently, so as not to capsize – or give it a shot on a sailboat sundeck. Fishes will find that a rollicking round aboard a floating vessel starts their blood boiling – but be sure to leave plenty of time for a swim after you’re finished.



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