012. Bookreviews about Sexuality and Astrology

There have been written a lot of books about astrology and sexuality. Also there is somewhat scattered information available on the internet. To give you an idea of what is on the market we will discuss a few titles.

You can use your own interpretation skill to use and combine different books. You can for example see that sunsign description can also be applied to some extend to moonsign, marssign and venussign.

In my experience with men it is as follows:

1. Marssign: this is how he acts, his values, partially also his emotional vibe. This is also the secret sexfactor to which he is drawn instantly to a certain woman. It has everything to do with appearance, charisma, chemistry and sex appeal.

2. Moonsign: this is how he feels, how he behaves, partially how he communicates, also non-verbally. These are his obsessions, his daily activities, his safety zone, his “stand by” nature. He tends to interpret the world in this way. With this kind of woman he feels comfortable, understood, acknowledged. Here is also where fetishes and strange obsessions come into play. Also fantasy can play a role here.

3. Venussign: his ideals, his complementary image of the ideal woman. She meets this values or standards. This often has to do with how the female looks. He also feels masculine around this type of woman. He loves this kind of woman, he dreams or fantasizes about this type of woman. If it has something to do with how he feels about himself, it is about the things he thinks are important in his life, how he wants to live his life. These are the behaviors that he encourages in himself and in others, and he appreciates these kind of behavior in other people.

4. Sunsign: his total behavior. This is his style, how he comes across, often also when he grows older. It is often an additive or empowerment of certain behavior that is acknowledged by other planets. Often this is how he wants to be or how he wants to present himself, in combination with mars, somewhat venus and a deep mooncore. This can show his overall relationshipstyle, just like mercury (communication). The sunsign on its own is not a clear sign to know what he is attracted to in a sexual fashion. It can quite well be platonic or friendship based on mutual understanding.

If planets are in different signs and/or in conflict with each other, he can be attracted to different types of women, or women with all kinds of behavior (difficult or complex women).


1. Sextrology – Stella Starsky


This is a complete book if we’re talking about sunsigns. Even for gay people there is a section about preferences. A lot is written about the sunsigns. The part that is about sexuality in combination with astrology is however not that large, as we would’ve expected looking at the title of the book and the number of pages. Also you have to be familiar with terms like sub, dom and other things of bdsm. Interesting is that with every sunsign there are few keywords written about their fetishes.






2. Astrologically incorrect – Terry Marlowe

If you’re talking about manipulation, this book is reallyastrologically-incorrect-for-loverspsychologically interesting. It does not only cover lovers, but also for example your boss. If you can relate to different planets and integrate the knowledge written in this book, this book really ads something to more understanding as how sunsigns unconsciouslywork. The other version is about lovers, that is the title ‘Astrologically incorrect for lovers’ also by Terry Marlowe.






sex-files3. The Sex Files – Rowan Davis
Nice booklet. It gives more descriptions about explicit fantasies and scenes that fit with a certain starsign. I would say sometimes you can look at moonsign, venussign or marssign instead of sunsign, to read the righ description, even though it is written for sunsigns.







4. The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook – Kiki T.

celestial-sexpotThis is a must have book about astrology and sexuality. It’s really informative, original, and it contains practical points you can use in daily life. There is a real section about sexuality and not just psychological astrology as other books write about.







5. Mars and Sex – Trish MacGregor

mars-and-sexThis book is detailed, written in between sexuality and psychological astrology, romance, and relationship bonding. A difference is made between sunsign, venussign and marssign. The whole book is about sun-mars combinations, and the last part of the book is about venussigns. Because all different combinations are written about, there is not much room for a deeper evaluation on sexuality and astrology. It can be seen as an introduction to birth chart astrology, as they’re talking about sun-mars combinations.






6. Person-to-Person astrology – Stephen Arroyo
person-to-person-astrologyThis book is about character and personality, and a little bit about synastry (comparing the partner birth chart with your own birth chart). It is more about the birth chart, about love, romance, ideal soulmate, relationships, not really sexuality. There is made an introduction to study the different planets (sun, moon, mars and venus), houses, elements and a little bit about aspects. It is more an introduction, because other insightful books have been written about the psychological astrology.






7. Erotic Astrology – Phyllis Vega

erotic-astrologyNice booklet. Makes a difference between sun, moon, venus and mars. Has some depth, but is rather erotic than sexual. There is room for psychological signs between combinations of planet signs. The book is an introduction, sexual depth is given to the moonsign, with the title “in bed”.









8. The Astrology of Great Sex – Myrna Lamb

astrology-of-great-sexHere real people tell their fantasies and imaginations. However this is written from the perspective of sunsign, and there are different signs to look at, for example, moon, venus, mars, houses and aspects. It can be used as inspiration as to what kind of fantasies people have, but it can not really be attached solely to their sunsign.






9. Seduction by the Stars – Geraldine Rose, Geraldine Soadhi & Ren Lexander

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