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Since, in our culture, we expect our partners to fill defined gender roles, we first look at the Sun and Moon. If you are a heterosexual woman, you expect your partner to fill the masculine role defined by your Sun sign. If you are a heterosexual man, your Moon defines your image of femininity. It is not necessary that your partner shares your Sun or Moon sign, but that they represent the images of those planets. If you are an Aries woman, you see a man as being masculine by being aggressive, passionate and sociable. Sensitive, shy Pisces need not apply! If you are Pisces man with an Aries moon, your idea of femininity includes that of the Huntress — assertive, passionate and sociable.

Venus represents the things that you love. It represents the values that are important to you. Venus tells you the qualities that are the deal makers and the deal breakers in a relationship. If you have Venus in Capricorn, you value someone who carries their own natural authority, who is steady and reliable, and who can elevate your status in life. Eventually, if the person you are interested in fails to live up to this ideal, you drop them.

Mars is our sexual attraction radar. The zodiac sign in which your Mars is placed tells you the manner in which the mating instinct acts on you. If you have Mars in the intellectual sign of Gemini, you find witty, social and intelligent people very sexy. If you have Mars in Leo, you are attracted to the alpha male or female because you believe you deserve nothing less than the best. If your Mars is in Cancer, you desire someone to nurture you. It gets you all hot when your special someone serves you breakfast in bed.

The sign on the cusp of the Fifth House of Romance tells you how you like your loving. With slow and steady Taurus, you want to take your time, and be wooed with flowers and chocolates. With Sagittarius, you want to fall in love with love, with the nearest person to you!

The Seventh House tells you the kind of partner you want to marry. If you have Aquarius on the Seventh House cusp, you want someone who is intelligent, social, and unusual in some way. The person may come from a different country or culture, or be much younger or in some cases, much older than you.

The Eighth House talks about how you like your sex. The sign on the cusp of the Eighth is very descriptive of how you make love and how you want want love made to you. If you’ve got Virgo on the Eighth, you want to be wickedly seduced; in Pisces, you want to be romanced.

If you don’t know where your personal planets lie, you can go here to get a list of planets in your personal chart.

Here is partial list of zodiac keywords that you can match with your personal planets:Aries Courageous, energetic, confident, ardent, competitive
Taurus Persevering, loyal, sensual, steady, gentle, practical
Gemini Curious, communicative, sophisticated, agile, perceptive
Cancer Sensitive, family-oriented, nurturing, protective, emotional
Leo Noble, creative, loyal, energetic, dignified, proud, optimistic, affectionate
Virgo Health and hygiene conscious, detail-oriented, practical, conscientious, sensual
Libra Gracious, elegant, romantic, cooperative, sociable, balancing-seeking, fair-minded
Scorpio Sexy, deep, resourceful, passionate, magnetic, powerful
Sagittarius Adventurous, philosophical, cheerful, extroverted, athletic
Capricorn Organized, responsible, cautious, dutiful, persistent, patient, realistic, loyal
Aquarius Innovative, friendly, ingenious, individualistic, progressive, intellectual
Pisces Imaginative, romantic, sensitive, compassionate, sympathetic, dreamy

You may notice as you go through the signs and the keywords that there are parts of you at odds with another. If you have a gentle Taurus Sun but a go-getter Aries moon, for instance, you find it hard to sit still, yet you are annoyed that you can’t. These contradictions carry through to our relationships, where we find we desire vastly divergent qualities in our partners as well. A key to building a successful relationships is to understand where the incompatibilities in our charts build difficult, sometimes impossible expectations of our partners. When we make peace with those contradictory elements in ourselves, we can have more reasonable expectations of our partners.



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