01. Introduction


This blog is about astrology and sexuality. The question here is whether there is a connection between some kind of birth chart and the influence of the cosmic energy through the feature of sexuality of the human being. Lots of books have been written about astrology and personality. Also lots of sources are available about astrology and devination. Sometimes there is a focus on relationships, marriage, partner choice and somewhat sexuality, but because sexuality is something different than just personality traits, it doesn’t get much attention. Relationships and marriage can be placed in the line of personality. You can see that someone who has a sensitive personality, will also perhaps show this trait in a relationship. However, when we’re talking about sexuality, the same sensitive trait can have a total paradoxal or different outcome.

Also interesting is the fetishes people of astrological traits tend to have. Almost every sign has some fetish, but it does not just depend on sunsign. Also, something can feel too weird for someone, but for the next person it feels normal. This has everything to do with the dominant traits of their personality. Something can be socially totally unacceptable, yet it holds an hidden attraction towards a person.

What is defiant, can only be measured if we know what is normal. And because we write about different psychological astrological perspectives, there is no baseline as to what is considered normal.

Sexuality obviously is not only based on astrologial psychological traits, but also upbringing, physical features, charisma, personal style, pheromones/health and so called early developmental elements. This means how a person is shaped during childhood, what (s)he has seen, thought of, done, conclusions that are made about the self and the own identity. This site however does not address to sexual personality as a whole, but rather to some baseline of personality found in astrological psychology.

We have to consider there are gender differences, and also differences in culture. The female-image of the western man often is fed with unrealistic erotic stimuli (porn), which can cause an unnatural view of how a female should be or in reality is. The real female in real life is for example not that submissive or not that sexual cruel as is shown in erotic stimuli, unless we go beyond our limits. This is why peope have an attraction and addiction towards erotic stimuli, because it is used as inspiration, but also because in reality it is not matched to the extend of the imagination.

It is interesting to know that things hidden in personality show up in sexual behavior. Primal elements of the character find their outlet in role play and fantasy sharing. Role play doesn’t only mean there is an intend to play a particular role during sexual encounters, but it also means people can attract circumstances that evoke some kind of psychological role inside the personality. A dominant woman seeks for example a sensitive guy to manipulate, because she feels she can control him. This has its grounds in the relationship but also in the sexual identity of the woman. It is a role she feels comfortable in.

A major disadvantage of erotic stimuli is that it feels cheap, it can be addictive, it can deform natural sexuality, it can go from innocent to hardcore demoralizing, and it can evoke lust in unwanted situations. Why is this so wrong? Because it leaves behind the emotional loving aspect of love making. The whole magical, transforming, spiritual, deepening, intense “fairytale” feeling is made into plastic fastfood consumption. People who are used to watching erotic stimuli most of the time have another feeling about their lovelife or they are disappointed or they don’t feel connected to their inner deeper feelings of a loving connection with someone special. Sometimes only stress, agression or high pressure can cause for sexual outlet. This obviously can not be associated with love, but rather bodily functioning. In the same spirit that is the case when there is no lover in the picture, so you merely have sexual fantasies because your body feels lust.

Sexuality can be linked to lust, to love or to the absence of love. Some people prefer emotionless mechanical sex, while others prefer loving emotional sex. Also there are people who feel no need for sex at all (asexual) or people who don’t like the feelings of lust or people who have these feelings too much, like having an addiction. Emotionless mechanical sex can lead to deforming of sexual morals. People can have fantasies that are only focused on lust. The physical sensation is prominent, not the emotional and spiritual. This is often the case with role play fantasy and erotic stimuli. There are no loving or emotional connections made, like for example having a soulmate. This does not mean there has to be a physical soulmate, it only means the feeling of some emotional spiritual connection beyond physical pleasure.

A save way to not be emotionally involved or getting hurt by feelings is just that, getting involved in emotionless mechanical sex. This however means the sexual feeling is not spiritually transforming, but it can be cheap and addictive. Over time this can be boring, or it can feel as if there is no meaning to having sex, it just feels like eating fastfood, not giving inner joy yet it can toxicate the brain and make the body feel alive. There is however no emotional depth in the experience.

Experiencing what is erotic and what is not, is different for each person. People can associate pain with sex, while other people associate love and warmth with sex. A person can be attracted to something but at the same time not love that same quality. This can lead to love-hate relationships and sometimes even dangerous and (self-)destructive relationships. Sometimes the physical traits are not that special but there is something inside a person that makes that you are attracted to that person. This can be personality, charisma, vibes, emotion, or way of acting. Also you can be attracted to someone, or even love the person, but you can not communicate with that person. There can be lots of misinterpretation and miscommunication between the two of you, as well as differences of opinion about matters. These things however don’t have to do with sexual expression, but rather the idea of a solid relationship, a partnership or a marriage. This can be a turn on for some people, and for other people a turn off.

To come back to the base of this blog, the astrological aspect, it is not about the connection between birth date and astrological meaning, but rather about astrological constellation and psychological personality of human beings. Concrete, a person can be born on may 11th, but have a lot of traits of aquarius. How is that possible? Now we can write a lot about the personal aspects, the different planets and their influence, or we can just assume the trait “aquarius” to further our research about that person. We want to look for a whole picture of the person as being more aquarius than taurus, not so much debate on how that is possible. If that person has more traits of aquarius, does the whole picture of aquarius personality match that person, (with slight difference towards other signs obviously, because no person totally is one sign). So as a reader, it is up to you to feel or tune in to what kind of person you are dealing with. In most cases you will feel a combination of different signs that are prominent in someones personality, and if you don’t know someones birth time and birth place, you don’t have the whole astrological birth chart, yet you still have important vibes coming from the personal planets if you do know the birth date. We will thus look for a personality pattern. It is about a logical personality pattern, for example a person can not be classified as patient and not patient at the same time, yet someone can be patient for one thing and not so much for another thing, so that means different life areas have different outcomes. Most of the time there is one overall feel or temperament you instantly notice about a person. Also this feel can change over time, but it is most of the time a strong vibe of personality temperament. For example a person can come across as impatient, yet having a long endurance. This can mean aries combinated with taurus, but it can also be aries combinated with scorpio. You need to feel and see different situations and use your senses to know what kind of feel it is. This means we do use birth date as astrological reference, but we also use our own psychological insight in what kind of person you are confronted with, because people are complex by nature, if you look at all the facets.

People can say, well if you have all signs then you can make endless combinations, so there must be something right. This is interesting, because this would mean that people can actually change their astrological blueprint, by saying it is not who I am. You have a free will to decide whether you want to act in accordance with your signs or against it. Well that is theory right, in real life people do tend to get stuck in some kind of pattern. There is a pattern that people repeat or people do have some kind of consistent personality that most of the time matches their astrological blueprint, even if it means an unbalanced personality or a changeable personality . It is however you as a reader that has to know the skill how to read people. And again, its just an aid to understand people, you can not fully know someone only through astrology obviously.

People have a basic personality that is revealed through astrological constellation. If someone has some trait really strong, it is difficult to hide it, and it is prominent in the birth chart. If someone has some trait but it is not obvious, one can choose to hide it or to accentuate it in their personality. If someone lacks the trait because it is not that apparent in the birth chart, it is practically more difficult to develop such a trait, without feeling one go’s against the own nature. It feels forced. As an example, someone is rebellious by nature. This can be because he has a prominent aquarius in his birth chart, but to a less extent it can be aries, scorpio, saggitarius, gemini or even leo. However if another person doesn’t have all these signs prominent, or on an important house cusp, it means that person would probably be not that rebellious, or even dislike rebelliousness (when someone has vibes from cancer, pisces, taurus or virgo).

It is all about forming clusters of personality and seeing constellations of different signs, aspects, houses (if you have the birth time). Then you use the feeling to understand a person.

Why should we split birth date with astrological significance?

1. Because there is no scientifical prove there is a connection between the two.

2. Because there are different elements, signs, constellations, aspects and houses. Because of this we can not exactly translate which elements will be prominent, we can only feel that if we interact with the person. Also it is rather personal and takes a lot of effort to do this for everyone, so that is why you use your own feeling as to how the person is coming together, using astrology as an aid.

3. If someone has sun, moon, venus, or mars in scorpio, you can feel scorpio influences, but you can not always know at forehand whether it is for example moon or venus. Also some aspects tend to have a scorpio vibe, for example mars conjunct pluto or moon conjunct pluto, even if it is in a different sign or in the first house.

4. For a full birth chart you need to know birth date, birth time, birth place, and then you still have upbringing, genetics, birth name and other influences that determine how a person will develop.

5. A person always has the own free will to decide whether or not they will act according to their own astrological blueprint. In real life it however does seem hard to develop characteristics that are not natural in your astrological system.

A short association description of the houses in astrology for the purpose of this blog:

First house: personality, personal vibe, looks, personal expression, body signs, facial or bodily features, first impression, emphasis in overall character

Second house: bodily pleasures, self esteem, self worth

Third house: communicationstyle, relatives, bonds with siblings; also look at mercury and gemini

Fourth house: own upbringing, home environment, parents

Fifth house: pleasure, entertainment, playfulness; also look at sun and leo

Seventh house: partnerships, marriage, one on one relationships; also look at venus and libra

Eighth house: sexuality, occultism, hidden traits; also look at pluto and scorpio

Ninth house: religion, philosophy, traveling; also look at jupiter and saggitarius

Tenth house: jobs, public image; also look at saturn and capricornus

Eleventh house: friendships, goals, aims, wishes, communities, social life; also look at mercury, uranus and aquarius

Twelfth house: secrets, hidden traits; also look at jupiter, neptune and pisces

If you read this associations, you can assume there are also connections between planets. It depends on where the planet resides, in which sign, which house and with which other planets they make what kind of aspect. Signs, as well as planets, as well as houses as well as aspects and the combinations between them all differ in interpretation with overlap. For example, jupiter makes things bigger, while pluto intensifies personalities.

External planets and their influence

The external planets don’t have that much to say about an individual person, but they do matter if we’re talking about a generation or a whole worldview of a generation. The external planets can become personal if they reside in a personal house or make a strong aspect with a personal planet. An example is pluto resides in scorpio. This on its own doesn’t say much about an individual, because pluto resides in scorpio for about 20 to 30 years. If pluto however makes a strong aspect, lets say conjunct to the sun in scorpio, then this trait of scorpio is intensified. It becomes even more prominent if the person has a first house pluto conjunct sun in scorpio. This influence then is visible for people that meet that person.

How does astrology work in real life?

When you first get to know someone, you can feel their moonsign or sunsign after a while, and after spending some time together you get to know the marssign. When you hear how the person speaks and thinks, you begin to get a grasp of the mercurius energy and mars together. If you know what someone likes, how someone dresses, what his style is or if he even is into style at all, then you are dealing with the venussign, and a combination of mars and moon. Moonsign is what the person feels most comfortable with, venus is what the person likes or sees as beauty, it has a silent attraction. Mars tends to be aggressive and is associated with how someone acts in situations, and what someone also notices in other people when they act a certain way. The sunsign traits don’t always have to be that visible, but the traits are somewhat integrated in the whole personality.

The first impression is most of the time the ascendant (cusp on the first house: appearance, personal vibe), after that you sense someones planets in first house or aspects with the ascendant. After that comes the moonsign (mood, emotions, clothing style), and after that you notice mars (actions), and venus (clothing style and personal style in general). And when you talk to someone you notice mercurius (how someone thinks, talks, communicates). When you really investigate into a person you see other aspects later on. A moonsign does not always have to be prominent, if other signs are overshadowing the moonsign, like for example there are lots of planets in one particular sign or element.

Often when meeting someone you can not specifically see a moonsign, but you can notice wheter it is a “watersign” or “intense sign” or “stable sign” or “communicative sign” or “introvert sign”. In that way you make contact to read different signs in the personality. However there exist clusters of similarities between signs, like for example:

Cluster 1: libra, pisces, cancer, taurus: feminine

Cluster 2: aries, capricornus, scorpio, leo: fatal

Cluster 3: aquarius, saggitarius, gemini: extravert

Cluster 4: virgo, capricornus, scorpio: unostentatious intelligent

After a while when you look more and more, you begin to see similarities in someones posture, eyes, face, bodyshape, mouth, and other physical traits. You begin to notice how someone is acting and that things reflect in their appearance. In that way you get a feeling of what kind of person you are dealing with.

About the credibility of astrology, as mentioned earlier it is no modern science, so there is no real consistent lab prove that it works. However there is a feeling if you have the grasp of how it works you can work with it and use it as an aid to understand, help, and relate to people. It also gives more meaning to why people do the things they do and how you relate to other people. Besides that it can give lots of inspiration to see situations and people in a different light.

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